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“What is Axie Infinity Competition” Goes Live

Axie Infinity is arguably the biggest GameFi project. Many web3 gaming enthusiasts even consider it the pioneer of this blockchain niche. If you are one of such persons, you have a chance to prove your knowledge of this program in the “What is Axie Infinity” competition. Tell your story and win $AXS prices from this opportunity.

The What is Axie Infinity Competition offers creatives the opportunity to explain the concept of this project to someone new to this project.  Instead of words, you will describe this blockchain gaming pioneer to them through short video clips, artworks, memes, animated art, songs, comedy, gameplay videos, etc. There are no limits to what you can develop.

Below are the prizes for the top 5 entries:

  • 1st position: 100 $AXS
  • 2nd position: 50 $AXS
  • 3rd position: 25 $AXS
  • 4th position: 15 $AXS
  • 5th position: 10 $AXS

How to Participate in the What is Axie Infinity Competition

Axie Origins Update Patch

The What is Axie Infinity Competition is open from the date of this publication till 9:00 PM EST on Friday, the 21st of October. This contest is open to everyone, even those who do not have Axies. Every contestant must have a Ronin Wallet, as the team will distribute rewards directly to users’ wallets.

To participate in this event, follow these steps:

  • Create anything that depicts or tells a story about Axie Infinity. Pictures and artworks must be vertical with a dimension of 920 pixels high by 1080 pixels wide. They must appear in HD on a smartphone. Videos and audio must be between 30 and 59 seconds in length.
  • Ensure to upload original content. If you are lifting ideas from existing work, you must give credit to the original owner.
  • Once done, upload your design, audio or video on either Twitter, TikTok or YouTube with the hashtag #AxieExplained. Failure to do so may render your entry invalid.
  • After posting on social media, render your work using the official submission form. Ensure to input the correct and corresponding details when filling out this form. Like the step above, not taking this step may cost you a chance to win the prize.

To ensure a very transparent screening process, judging will be done by selected community members. Esteemed Axie Creators, QU3ST and Sky Mavis will join them.

Note: Anyone who joins this contest accepts that Axie Infinity and Sky Mavis will use their submission for digital and promotional purposes.

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