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Decentral Games to Launch ICE Poker Season 2 on October 13th

Decentral Games has announced the launch of the ICE Poker Season 2. This comes after the close of the first Tournament Mode Competition, where winners received $28,750 in $xDG. Those who participated in the last edition can check this spreadsheet for their wallet address.

All You Need to Know About ICE Poker Season 2

The ICE Poker tournament season 2 will go live on Thursday, the 13th of October. It will continue till Tuesday, the 15th of November 2022. Players will only earn $18,750 worth of $xDG in prizes, which pales compared to the earlier version of the contest.

Speaking of the reward pool, there will be two categories. One will be for the top 20 participants with the highest win percentage after 100 games. While the other is for the top 3 badge earners.

For further clarity, below is a breakdown of the compensation system:

Rewards for players with the highest win percentage after 100 games:

  • 1st position: $1,000 worth of $xDG
  • 2nd position: $950 worth of $xDG
  • 3rd position: $900 worth of $xDG
  • 4th position: $850 worth of $xDG
  • 5th position: $800 worth lf $xDG
  • 6th position: $750 worth of $xDG
  • 7th position: $700 worth of $xDG
  • 8th position: $650 worth of $xDG
  • 9th position: $600 worth of $xDG
  • 10th position: $550 worth of $xDG
  • 11th to 20th positions: $500 worth of $xDG each

Benefits for earning the most badges within the period of this contest:

  • Most number of badges: $3,000 worth lf $xDG
  • 2nd highest number of badges: $2,000 worth of $xDG
  • 3rd highest number of badges: $1,000 worth of $xDG

How to Participate in this Competition

decentral game

If you are interested in this competition and would like to earn any of these prizes, kindly follow these steps:

  • Visit the Decentral Games Official Website.
  • Create a new account if you don’t have an existing one, or sign in if you do.
  • Check out the leaderboard on the Discord server from time to time and identify where you rank on the ratings.
  • Ensure to win as many games at the table as possible to increase your final score.
  • Reach milestones and earn as many badges as possible.

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