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NFT and AI Interaction Revamped by Oasys Collaboration

Oasys is a blockchain that focuses on gaming, and it has a lot of great things to offer. Its newest venture is RYUZO, and it is about to change the way we interact with AI and NFTs in the metaverse.

What is RYUZO in Oasys?

RYUZO is an app that has OASYX Series 2: RYUZO, which is an AI life form concept NFT. It is a sequel to the OASYX series, which is a blockchain project by Oasys that is all about gaming. RYUZO is the result of a collab between Bandai Namco Research, Attructure, and double jump.tokyo.

How does RYUZO work?

RYUZO allows users to nurture and interact with digital entities called โ€œRYUsโ€, which they can get from โ€œMARYUsโ€ (their eggs basically). Each โ€œRYUโ€ has unique traits and ability that change when a user engages with it, such as petting and food.

Users can also race their โ€œRYUsโ€ in a mini-game and try to score the best time. The nurturing part of the app is going to end by July 2024, but the โ€œRYUsโ€ will still be active.

How does RYUZO work?

What makes RYUZO special?

RYUZO is a novel project that combines AI life and NFTs. Unlike normal NFTs, which are transferrable and immutable, the โ€œRYUsโ€ transform into soulbound tokens (SBTs) upon hatching that you cannot transfer.

So, this is a huge deal in NFT development. Moreover, RYUZO offers a deeply personalized experience as well. So, each โ€œRYUโ€ has its own growth pattern and outcome based on the way you deal with them.

What are the benefits of RYUZO?

RYUZO offers users a fun and engaging way to interact with AI life forms and NFTs. Users can enjoy the joy of raising their own โ€œRYUsโ€ through various interactions and witness their evolution over time.

Users can also challenge themselves and others in the racing mini-game and show off their nurtured โ€œRYUsโ€.

Additionally, RYUZO rewards users with exclusive rewards and collaborative NFTs through its collaboration campaign with the blockchain game โ€œBrave Frontier Heroes.โ€


RYUZO is a huge project that explores the theme of โ€œAI life form and NFT.โ€ It offers users a unique opportunity to interact with AI life forms that grow and evolve. RYUZO is set to launch on August 2nd, 2023, and you can also be a part of this revolution when you join the platform behind it!

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