Gods Unchained Announces a New Pack Opening Experience
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Gods Unchained Announces a New Pack Opening Experience

Gods Unchained is proud to announce the launch of a new pack opening experience. Earlier in May 2023, the team shared its roadmap containing its plans for the year. Part of the innovations set for this year is the new opening process of NFT cards.

This system upgrade will improve user experience and enable individuals living in areas with unstable or poor internet connection. In addition, the team is also working toward making gameplay accessible for people using mobile devices. Incorporating features that support the above processes is essential for sustaining player activity in the ecosystem.

Understanding the Gods Unchained New Pack Opening Experience

As the new card unveiling process goes live, users will now enjoy better gameplay. First of all, the new video streaming process will be seamless to ensure that people do not ensure do not experience glitches or delay. In addition, the inventory will be well organized to make management easier. Thanks to this new display, acquiring more NFTs in their portfolios will not overwhelm people.

Speaking of digital assets, players will be able to inspect new cards that they draw from their pack. It will not just be a regular process, as people will now get a detailed view of the new assets they obtain. The idea is to make the pack opening experience more rewarding. It will no longer be the boring venture of unboxing a new item.

Having to unveil every single card one by one can be strenuous. This means that a player must watch the process continuously. With the Gods Unchained New Pack Opening Experience, players can now utilize the “Open All Pack” feature. The team has made a significant process to this function to enable users to reveal multiple items at once.

Other upcoming Projects in the Gods Unchained 2023 Roadmap

Other upcoming Projects in the Gods Unchained 2023 Roadmap

After the release of the new pack opening system, Gods Unchained will launch a New Content Creator Program. This is a more significant exercise that will empower and support members of the community. They will design videos that will not just earn them rewards. These visual contents will also create avenues for collaboration and recognition opportunities.

Earlier on, the team launched a trial pre-alpha version for Android devices. Within 30 days of the release, there have been 60,000 app sessions. Following the success of this testnet, the devs are working towards developing a version of the game that will work on Android and iOS devices.

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