Voxies NFT Marketplace: All You Need to Know
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Voxies NFT Marketplace: All You Need to Know

Voxies NFT has released a new digital asset marketplace. The update comes after recent feedback from players demanding a better process for purchasing in-game items. Late last month, the team shared the Tactics Dev Diaries. In that episode, they outlined some of the changes that will be coming to the game.

On the 1st of August, Voxies announced the redesign of its NFT trading platform. Shortly after sharing the update, the team also stated that there would be a Twitch live stream. In that streaming session, users will learn how to purchase and sell NFTs.

While announcing the marketplace launch, the team also indicated the possibilities of other updates. For example, Voxies is working towards supporting mobile devices.

All You Need to Know About The New Voxies NFT Marketplace

New Voxies NFT Marketplace

The new marketplace will incorporate several features that will enable people to transact far more easily than before. To achieve this aim, Voxies is building the new platform on a more robust foundation. The framework will enable the team to seamlessly incorporate more features in the feature. It will be very extensive and expand the things people consider to be achievable in web3.

Nobody likes to use a service that is unresponsive and laggy. To prevent such cases from occurring, the New Marketplace will be far more user-friendly. Special effort is going into developing a very smart user interface. It will be such that individuals will easily locate what they want to purchase.

For example, there will now be a filter system in the New Voxies NFT Marketplace. Therefore, people do not have to manually scroll through the entire list to access what they want. They can simply sort them to streamline and sieve out the options that they want.

In addition, the team is adding a brand-new notifications feature. Henceforth, players will no longer miss out on promotions, exclusive deals, and other additions. Even better, they can access these offers directly and not have to navigate the entire platform.

The new platform will now support more noncustodial blockchain wallets. This means that users are not limited to just MetaMask. The Wallet Connect feature means people can now enjoy the luxury of options. Meanwhile, you must not connect your wallet to begin enjoying the NFT marketplace. Voxies believes that this measure will improve user experience, especially for first-timers.

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