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Oasys Gaming Chain Successfully Launches and Welcomes the Gaming Community

Oasys Gaming Chain, an eco-friendly blockchain created for the gaming community, has successfully launched. The revolutionary blockchain is developed and designed solely for the gaming community. It offers stakeholders the opportunity to leverage the Oasys Architecture, which offers zero gas fees and a high-speed experience to users.

It does these through a combination of Hub-Layer and Verse-Layer technology solutions. Oasys Gaming Chain offers players, developers, and supporters the chance to take part in an unprecedented and exceptional user experience in its world.

How will Oasys Gaming Chain Integrate the Gaming Community into its Blockchain Platform?

Oasys has announced that to bring its platform to life, it will partner with leading Web3 technology and gaming companies. These organizations will become the twenty-one primary “validators” of the platform.

Suffice to mention that developers and gamers that subscribe to Oasys Architecture will have the chance to leverage the blockchain to build cross-game and multi-platform portability for in-game transactions and skins.

According to one of the Co-founders of Oasys, Gabby Dizon, the launch of the Oasys ecosystem is aimed to revolutionize the way developers and gamers create, connect, and play in the Metaverse. The platform is an eco-friendly blockchain that will enable the game community to experience seamless transactions in the ecosystem.

oasys gaming

Oasys is bringing a solution to the current challenges experienced by blockchain games created on Ethereum. Suffice to mention that the new game chain has some heavyweight players in the game industry as its founding team members.

They include the President and CEO of Bandai Mamco Research, Hajime Nakatani, CEO of a double jump.tokyo, Hironobu Ueno, entertainment business innovator & founding member of PlayStation, Shuju Utsumi, and Founder of gumi and CEO of Thirdverse, Hironao Kunimitsu.

The company has announced that it will be exhibiting during the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco in March 2022.

More Details about Oasys

Oasys is made up of a team of blockchain experts. It is teaming up with some of the biggest game companies in the industry to serve as its initial validators. The platform is set to revolutionize the game industry with Proof-of-Stake-based eco-friendly blockchain technology.

Its goal is to create an ecosystem for developers and gamers to develop and distribute blockchain-based games. By so doing, it will solve the issues that game developers encounter when creating games on blockchain technology. 

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