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Fancy Birds Issues Tournament Update

Fancy Birds is looking to increase the fun activities this September. The tournament update is issued to break down upcoming gameplay options. This will help intimate players in the forthcoming contests and their equivalent rewards. However, the team did not state the eligibility requirements for each of them.

Meanwhile, the entry price for this competition is 0.35 / 1.50 / 2.50 worth of $USDC for $250, $500 and $1000 respectively. Interested persons must have this token or pay its equivalent in $sFNC or $ETH. Ensure to follow the code of conduct.

Breakdown of the Fancy Birds Tournament Update

According to the Fancy Birds tournament update, players can get $250 weekly rewards on Mondays and Wednesdays. More so, players can randomly withdraw these benefits from the pool. However, these are not the only days you can receive earnings. In addition, there will be a monthly tournament of $500 on the second Thursday.  On the other hand, the fourth Thursday will be for the $1000 competition.

Speaking of the tournament, it will go live by 19:00 UTC on their respective dates and be open for 24 hours after it goes live. Meanwhile, only those who own a Bird can participate. Regardless of the current payoffs, these contests will continue to reward 15% of users with the highest scores.

Updates in the FancyVerse

For a better understanding, below are the line-ups of the possible competition options:

  • Quick Fly: This is a regular tournament, and everyone with any type of bird can enter.
  • Baby Birds: Like its name states, only players with Baby Birds can join in.
  • Fancy Fliers: Only those with Legendary, Mutants and Full-Set birds can participate in this category.
  • Flock Fliers: Unlike other modes, you must own 2 Genesis Birds and 4 Baby Birds to become eligible.
  • Genesis Birds: Similar to the Baby Birds options, only Genesis Birds owners are eligible for this experience.
  • Season 1 Baby Flock: This session is only for Season 1 Baby birds.
  • Hidden Treasure: This is a surprise leaderboard that the team will only unveil at the end.
  • Baby Bonanza: Only those who have 5 Baby Birds or more can enter this contest.
  • Army Invasion: This competition is similar to the Quick Fly tournament. However, each bird functions as a unique entry point in this case.
  • Climbing Ladder: You can enter the contest multiple times with different birds in this mode. However, only their first 15 logs will count as the score. The final result involves summing all your points together.

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