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Planet Sandbox Launches Its Referral Program

Planet Sandbox has launched its referral program that will enable users to earn passive rewards by inviting their friends. In addition, there is a tutorial to guide players on how to join this opportunity. Shortly after making this announcement, the team also informed the community that the game is now available on Magic Store. Gamers can visit the platform on their desktop to play PSB.

How to Join the Planet Sandbox Referral Program

The Planet Sandbox referral program is open to both new and existing players who are interested. All they need to do is follow these steps:

  • Create an account on Planet Sandbox. On the other hand, anyone with an existing profile can simply log in to gain access. First-timers can view the login guide for more insights.
  • After accessing the platform, navigate to your account and get the referral code. This is a specialized link that new persons can use to create their profile and will notify the system that you invited them to Planet Sandbox.
  • After getting your unique link, share them with your friends and family members. More importantly, encourage them to only register with your link or code. The system will not count their onboarding as your referral if they create accounts without using your code or link.
  • After completing the registration, they must purchase one mystery box and earn 100 $PSB or more. According to the team, this initiative encourages active participation among users. The only way to show that referrals are playing the game is by meeting these criteria.
  • There are no limits to how many people you can invite. However, new users can only link one wallet per account. Similarly, each profile will get one referral link.

Planet Sandbox Referral Program Reward Pool

While introducing this initiative, the team also broke down the reward system of this program.  Below are the details:

  • 1 referral – 50 $PSB
  • 5 referrals – 125 $PSB
  • 10 referrals: – 200 $PSB
  • 15 referrals – 400 $PSB
  • 50 referrals – $950 $PSB
  • 100 referrals – 1400 $PSB

Meanwhile, everyone will benefit from this enterprise. If you are referred and complete the necessary process, you will receive 150 $PSB. You can either use your earnings to purchase in-game items or trade them on the marketplace.

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