Nakamoto Games Announces New Updates And Promises a "Groundbreaking" 2024
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Nakamoto Games Announces New Updates And Promises a “Groundbreaking” 2024

As we come to a close in 2023, Nakamoto Games stands as a beacon of relentless innovation and unparalleled progress in the realm of blockchain- based gaming3.

Closing out the year on an electrifying note, Week #52 has been a bustling period marked by an avalanche of developments setting the stage for an unprecedented 2024.

This crucial week’s sprint encapsulated a wide range of achievements on multiple fronts

The System Analyst team led the charge, optimizing workflows for the highly anticipated #CCG (Collectible Card Game) and orchestrating the efficient launch of #NAKAVERSE 2.0.

Not stopping there, they fine-tuned the economics of the mobile app for iOS and Android, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Meanwhile, the Frontend team worked tirelessly to prepare for the launch of #CCG, improving page speed, refining code, and preparing thoroughly for the imminent launch of #ChallengerMode (single-player).

Their efforts were strengthened by solid bug fixes, ensuring a polished experience upon release.

Nakamoto Games: Leading the Future of Blockchain Gaming in 2023

On the backend, significant progress was made to strengthen support for Outlanders, with #ChallengerMode ready for production.

Rigorous testing and improvements of the $NAKA Wallet for @telegram were also underway, further cementing Nakamoto Games’ commitment to user-friendly interfaces.

Quality Assurance (QA) emerged triumphant, ensuring #ChallengerMode worked flawlessly while thoroughly verifying game redirects and URL accuracy.

The team also conducted extensive testing on PWA token deposit/withdrawal, a crucial aspect of the new design.

Notably, Smart Contract updates optimized for maximum efficiency and improved support for Item Vault V2 promise a more robust gaming ecosystem.

The UX/UI Design and Gaming teams contributed significantly by creating elegant internal pages for the $NAKA mobile app and refining the design of the $NAKA Wallet for an elevated user experience.

The peak achievements emerged in the progress of the game’s evolution, notably marked by the introduction of #NAKAVERSE 2 in its beta phase and the creation of the #8BallPool mobile application.

Improving #CCG with new spell cards and equipment elevates the game to unprecedented heights.

Looking ahead to 2024, Nakamoto Games hints at an era-defining year.

With plans to launch the #MobileApp, #NAKAVERSE 2.0, AAA Games and host exciting Tournaments, along with a buoyant crypto market, Nakamoto Games is not only predicting success, but is actively forging a revolutionary era for $NAKA.

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