Dragon Ramen Announces the Employee UR Saine Limited Time NFT Sale
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Dragon Ramen Announces the Employee UR Saine Limited Time NFT Sale

Dragon Ramen offers the Employee UR Saine NFT via a summer sale. This event will take place over a limited period of time and will not be available once the period elapses. Therefore, players are encouraged to join in and participate before the deadline.

The reason is that this digital asset offers an in-game power-up that can come in handy during battles. For example, Saine can switch the target to an ally with the highest DEF stats when targeted with a normal attack. Users can visit the FAQ Page to learn more about this condition before purchasing the NFT. This will ensure that they make informed choices.

For a better understanding, below are the stats of this NFT:

  • HP – 4,019
  • COK – 2,534
  • ATK – 2,970
  • DEF – 2,430
  • SPD – 2,514
  • LUK – 2,331
  • SEV – 2,895

Details of the Dragon Ramen Employee UR Saine NFT Sale

Details of the Dragon Ramen Employee UR Saine NFT Sale

This sale will begin at 17:00 (JST) on the 7th of August. Interested persons have from that date until 23:59 (JST) on the 12th of August. To purchase this NFT, users can visit the PlayMining NFT Marketplace. Meanwhile, buyers can only purchase a maximum of 40 units of this digital asset. Although the most affordable NFT goes for as little as 300,000 DEP, the prices for each power-up differ. Therefore, people who do not join earlier may miss out on the more affordable options.

Despite its numerous advantages, the Dragon Ramen UR Saine NFT cannot be used for succession. This means that people cannot transfer it among themselves. Instead, players can apply the Charming feature for 5 turns. Furthermore, individuals who hold this NFT can activate this feature in two turns after every wave of attack.

UR Saine improves the Renewal Opening ceremony by +9. It also increases the ATK and DEF capacities of your allies by 25% for the first 5 turns. Even better, people can activate this feature at the first turn of every wave. Furthermore, this NFT increases the dash to the beach by +9.

Owning this power-up boosts the user’s SPD by 50%. In addition, to improve the player’s speed, this digital asset also increases the SPD of your allies by 40% for 2 turns. Holders will also be able to deal up to 190% damage in a single attack on an enemy.

PlayMining is organizing some promotional offers to support this product launch. One of the measures is granting Selection Ticket to those who buy the UR Saine NFT from the official store. People can trade these tickets for various items in the shop.

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