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Legend of the Metaverse Issues Development Update

Legend of the Metaverse is putting serious work into ensuring a seamless gameplay experience. To this effect, it will be making some changes to the game. The gaming company made this development update via an announcement on their discord channel. It strongly believes that these changes are necessary to improve the gaming economy. Moving forward, here are the changes gamers and creators should expect.

More on the Development Update

The first will changes to the amount of shards that it will be minting. After certain considerations, the development team decided to mint only 1500. As for the surplus Planet shards, LOTM will burn them.

This decision comes after its introduction of a class for the legends. This new class is a superior ranked class and it comes with increased strength. Their development team likened the new class of legends to a superior military officer.

After the minting exercise, Legend of the Metaverse will sync the 1500 shards and the enhanced Legends. With the syncing complete, it will move all of them to IMMUTABLE-X.

It is in IMX that each planet shard will represent the legend from their corresponding Tribe. IMX is an in-game marketplace that enables gasless in-game token liquidity. This will enable players trade digital assets without having to worry about cut throat transaction cost.

In addition, the game is also introducing some utility shards. Holders of these utility assets will gain special access to upcoming minting events. On the other hand, there are no changes to the rewards for Artwork holders. They will still get the 100 available Super Rare Legends. LOTM will continue to mint Rare Legends to help raise funds for further development. Despite the move to.IMMUTABLE-X, planet shards and Super Rare Artwork will remain on Opensea. This is because Opensea is a very good.platform for selling in-game NFTs. The developers are also of the opinion that it will not make to move all their digital assets to the in-game marketplace.

Other News

While the development work is ongoing, the game is ignoring the marketing aspect. It is currently working with some respected influencers like Jake, Dekkster and many others. These individuals have given positive feedback about this project.

The dAPP is in the works making steady progress and will be out soon. LOTM development team is also working on the Map of Valar. This phase of development is vital to both the gameplay process as well as the sale of land. Once the map is complete, the sale of Land NFTs will take place. There are also considerations to sponsor up and coming content creators to help them grow.

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