Gala Games Unleashing Dark Power: Akumu Enters Champions Arena!
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Gala Games Champions Arena introduces new champion

The tumultuous world of Champions Arena has been shaken by the arrival of an epic new contender: Akumu, known as “The Blood-Stained Armor” supported by Gala Games.

This monumental addition has been unveiled as part of December’s Battle Pass, promising an exciting twist for fans of the blockchain-game.

Akumu emerges as a being enveloped in a dark curse from Ka-drax, offering those who possess him both protection and unfathomable power.

However, this blessing is woven with an equally profound curse; those who don its armor are consumed by an insatiable lust for blood and carnage.

This twisted influence controls their minds and hearts, transforming them into agents of Akumu’s ravenous desire.

The process to obtain Akumu is found in the game’s monthly Battle Pass

Players can purchase the Pass to unlock this new champion, as well as earn valuable items by completing in-game challenges, including gold, champion experience, upgrade stones, and soul stone selectors.

As players progress through the Battle Pass, those who reach the highest level will be rewarded not only with Akumu, but also a generous amount of their soul stones.

Akumu’s skills in the arena are devastating.

From attacks that deal damage based on your maximum health to the ability to decrease the enemy’s turn bar, your powers seem limitless.

Additionally, he is credited with abilities such as “Hell Slash” and “Hellish Warfield”, both wreaking havoc on his enemies, proportional to his maximum health.

Additionally, to celebrate the arrival of Akumu, a special champion summoning event has been launched. Players have the opportunity to get free tickets to this event and hopefully add more heroes to their repertoire.

Gala Games Champions Arena introduces new champion

Akumu’s appearance promises to drastically change the balance of power in Champions Arena.

Players will face an unparalleled challenge as they attempt to control the might of this new champion as they seek to reach new heights in the contest for in-game supremacy.

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