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BurgerCities S1 Season Starts Tomorrow: Rules Announced


  • BurgerCities presents innovations for the S1 2024 season, promising an intense gaming experience in the metaverse.
  • The season offers rewards totaling 300,000 $BURGER and will last for three months and six days, divided into three separate months with a three-day break between each.
  • Players will compete in three leaderboards: Tower Challenge, Team Crafting, and Hero Power, each with its own dynamics and opportunities to earn points and rewards.

BurgerCities, the platform that has evolved from Burgerswap, has announced exciting new features for the S1 2024 season. This season promises an intense gaming experience full of opportunities for DeFi and NFT enthusiasts looking to immerse themselves in the metaverse.

One of the main attractions of this season is the rewards, totaling 300,000 $BURGER. The season will last for three months and six days, divided into three separate months, with a three-day break between each. During this time, players will compete in three leaderboards: Tower Challenge, Team Crafting, and Hero Power.

The Tower Challenge offers an opportunity for teams to prove their worth. To participate, teams must have heroes with a loyalty level of 45% or higher. Points are automatically awarded during the game and can be claimed manually. However, to avoid point deductions, players are recommended to actively participate in the Tower Challenge at least once a week.

As for Team Crafting, players earn points by crafting teams during the event. The quality of the crafted teams determines the amount of points earned, with additional bonuses for high-quality teams. This leaderboard provides an opportunity for players to showcase their team-building skills and compete for rewards.

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BurgerCities Advances a Unified and Standardized Metaverse

Lastly, Hero Power ranks players based on the total combat power of their five most powerful heroes and war machine. Points are automatically converted based on loyalty and hero power points. Transferring heroes out of the game reduces their power points, but they can be recovered upon logging back in.

In addition to the competitions, BurgerCities continues its mission to integrate DeFi and NFT into a unified and standardized metaverse. The platform offers a wide range of activities. From social interactions to NFT exhibitions and DeFi games, all within a cohesive metaverse world.

With these innovations, BurgerCities hopes to bring new energy to the growing metaverse and provide opportunities for users to explore and participate in the world of Web3.

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