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CyberTitans Announces The Return of the Origins Series With Over 10,000$ in Prizes


  • The “Origins” series of CyberTitans returns with a tournament and prizes exceeding $10,000, scheduled for April 28th.
  • A series of preliminary tournaments will be held for three weeks before the main event, allowing players to refine skills and strategies, with the chance to win up to $1,250 in cash prizes.
  • Additional prizes in the form of ladder points will be awarded to champions of the secondary tournaments, boosting competitiveness and rewarding exceptional performance.

CyberTitans has announced the return of its prestigious “Origins” series, alongside a tournament event and generous prizes totaling over $10,000. The tournament is scheduled for April 28th and promises a high level of competitiveness for players worldwide looking to showcase their skills.

CyberTitans will host a series of preliminary tournaments in the three weeks leading up to the main tournament. These tournaments will serve as warm-ups and skill-refining opportunities, offering the chance to win cash prizes totaling $1,250. CyberTitans aims to allow players to familiarize themselves with the competitive environment and fine-tune their tactics before the main event.

CyberTitans Seeks the Ultimate Level of Competition and Strategy

Another exciting addition to this tournament series is the introduction of an additional prize in the form of ladder points for the champion of each secondary tournament. These points provide an extra boost in the rankings, recognizing and rewarding players’ exceptional performance. This measure contributes significantly to the competitiveness of the game and encourages players to actively participate in all events.


The CyberTitans community eagerly awaited the return of the “Origins” series and will now have the opportunity to compete for substantial cash prizes and ladder points. With players of all levels vying for glory and recognition on the battlefield, Origins presents an intriguing proposition, a unique opportunity for players to demonstrate their skill and prowess in a competitive environment, and CyberTitans looks forward to seeing all participants in action at this exciting event.

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