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Faraland Releases V0.3.7 with 7 New Skill Trees


  • Faraland has released its latest update, version 0.3.7, with exciting new features for players.
  • Seven new skill trees have been introduced, from Human Sub Masters to Demon Dark Conjures, offering innovative strategic and tactical options.
  • The update also includes gameplay and balance improvements, such as fixes to the Elo point deduction mechanism and the addition of cooldowns for skills.

Faraland, the popular adventure and strategy game, has launched its latest update, version 0.3.7, promising to take the gaming experience to a new level. This version introduces a range of exciting new features that are sure to captivate players.

One of the standout features of this update is the introduction of seven new skill trees, each designed to provide players with a variety of strategic and tactical options. From Human Sub Masters to Demon Dark Conjures, these new skills will add an additional level of depth to the game, allowing players to further customize their gameplay strategies and tackle challenges in innovative ways.

In Addition to Balancing the Game, Faraland Listened to its Community’s Requests

In addition to the new skill trees, version 0.3.7 also brings a series of improvements and adjustments aimed at enhancing gameplay and balance. Errors in the Elo point deduction mechanism have been fixed, and cooldowns have been added for skills such as Passive Skill Payback and Life Exchange. Ensuring a fairer and more balanced gaming experience for all players.

Another significant addition is the show password button on the login interface. This feature, requested by the gaming community, makes it easier for users to view their password during login. Thus avoiding issues caused by incorrect information and improving the overall gaming experience.

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Version 0.3.7 of Faraland represents a step forward for this popular adventure and strategy game. With the introduction of new skill trees, balance adjustments, and improvements to the user interface. This update promises to offer players a more immersive and exciting gaming experience.

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