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Qorbaby Asks Gamers To Transform In-Game Assets Into Investments

Qorbaby, an NFT development company is calling on games to transform in-game assets into investments. The GameFi is tasking players to use blockchain gaming as a means of converting NFTs into sources of revenue. To support this initiative, it will be providing users with Qor Babies that they can trade in for Qorbi – a Salana-based cryptocurrency.

There are only 10,000 babies in the Qorbaby universe. Each of these assets has its own unique Battibrutes. These specific features include eye shape, eye colour, mouth shape, hair colour, clothing and default armour. Asides from differentiating them, these attributes also correspond to their different strengths. Furthermore, these NFTs are custom designed and players can easily trade them.

Other In-Game Assets and Investments in The Qorbaby Universe

Besides the babies themselves, there are other in-game assets that can serve as investments in the Qorbaby universe. They include the following:

Qorbaby Wearables

Qor Weapons

There are certain wearables that players can use to swag up their babies. They can get these items from the marketplace. However, these are more than just in-game skins. They can give your character certain effects that can come in handy during gameplay. Some of these materials are protected and players can reuse or even resell them. There are others that wear off after battle or when they sustain damage.

One of the wearables that have a resale value is the baby armour. Players can trade them back in the marketplace and get back their earnings. However, there are features to consider before selecting this protective asset. They include strategy and the stature of your Baby. Some of them can slow down or hold back your in-game character. On the other hand, Qor Weapons will burn off at the end of each battle.

Qor Pets and Other Assets

Qor Babies can have special pets that will come in handy during various aspects of gameplay. They can help you sniff out hidden traps. Also, they provide sights from better angles. In addition, they are capable of dealing maximum damage to your enemies. Just like the armour, users will have to choose their pets wisely.

Qor Baby Character Bombs are another type of in-game asset that can help you change the tide of a battle. They can change your in-game character into a more advanced creature during gameplay. However, this only works for a limited time. Therefore, it is important that you choose the time you use them wisely. Even better, this asset has an NFT resale value.

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