MetalCore Blazes Trails with Immutable zkEVM Beta and Token Rewards
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MetalCore Blazes Trails with Immutable zkEVM Beta and Token Rewards


  • MetalCore, an Ethereum-based game, becomes the first playable title on the Immutable zkEVM scaling network.
  • The second phase of the MetalCore closed beta will introduce new features and rewards in the form of MCG tokens.
  • Players will be able to earn MCG tokens by completing in-game missions for a limited period.

MetalCore, an exciting mecha game based on the Ethereum blockchain, has marked a significant milestone by becoming the first playable title on the Immutable zkEVM scaling network.

This announcement comes alongside the launch of the second phase of the game’s closed beta, which promises exciting new features for players and opportunities to earn rewards in the form of MCG tokens, the game’s native currency.

In this specific testing phase known as closed beta, which will run until April 22, MetalCore players will find an environment rich in opportunities to improve their gaming experience.

They will be able to immerse themselves in a variety of new missions that will challenge their strategic skills and lead them to discover exclusive content.

In addition, they will have access to the complex Barony system, a central feature of the game that facilitates the formation of groups and alliances, similar to guilds in other virtual environments, thus encouraging cooperation and competition between players.

At the same time, participants will enjoy advanced customization options, allowing them to tailor their characters and gaming experiences in more detailed and meaningful ways.

The introduction of the MCG token as a central part of the MetalCore economy and progression is a crucial aspect

This token will allow players to convert in-game items such as mechas, weapons, and vehicles into NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that can be equipped and used in MetalCore.

Additionally, the MCG token will offer players the ability to customize their gaming experience and earn exclusive benefits and in-game rewards.

A highlight of this closed beta phase is the opportunity for players to earn MCG tokens by participating in in-game missions.

These earned marks can later be converted into MCG tokens once they are generated, allowing players to enjoy the advantages and benefits associated with the game’s native currency.

The partnership between Studio369, the studio behind MetalCore, and Immutable zkEVM is an example of the evolution and growth of the blockchain-based gaming ecosystem.

The ability to deliver an immersive gaming experience, combined with tangible rewards and progression opportunities through native tokens, reflects the innovative potential these technologies offer to the digital entertainment industry.

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