STEPN Unveils Massive 100 Million FSL Points Airdrop Ahead of Partnership Announcement
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STEPN Unveils Massive 100 Million FSL Points Airdrop Ahead of Partnership Announcement


  • STEPN airdrops 100 million FSL Points as part of its #STEPNTrailblazer event.
  • The airdrop campaign is divided into two phases, aimed at Badge Holders and Genesis Sneaker holders.
  • Community members have the option to convert their FSL Points into GMT tokens or use them for future events and partnerships.

Web3 platform STEPN has taken a significant step forward in its #STEPNTrailblazer event by completing an airdrop of 100 million FSL Points, valued at $30 million.

This initiative’s main objective is to reward the loyalty and active participation of its users, thus consolidating its position in the blockchain ecosystem.

The airdrop was divided into two key phases: the first phase focused on Badge Holders, those users who have managed to complete challenges and activities within the app, receiving an allocation of FSL Points based on the complexity of their achievements.

On the other hand, the second phase benefited Genesis Sneaker holders, recognizing their loyalty and long-term commitment by awarding them FSL Points based on the duration of their Genesis Sneakers holding.

FSL Points holders now have the option to convert these points into GMT tokens through the STEPN marketplace or hold onto them to purchase tickets at future Raffle Mints events and upcoming partnerships.

This flexibility gives users the ability to choose how they want to use their rewards, adding value and utility to the community at large.

STEPN Unveils Massive 100 Million FSL Points Airdrop Ahead of Partnership Announcement

STEPN CEO expressed his gratitude towards the most loyal members of the community by launching this airdrop

Highlighting the importance of offering priority access to exclusive events and rewards.

This strategy not only strengthens ties with the existing community, but also generates positive expectations around future partnerships and developments within the platform.

In addition to the airdrop, a strategic partnership with one of the most recognized sports brands globally has been anticipated, suggesting significant growth and expansion for STEPN in the coming months.

This news has generated enthusiasm among the platform’s most loyal followers and users, who are eagerly awaiting the opportunities and benefits that will arise from this collaboration.

STEPN‘s FSL Points airdrop not only reflects its commitment to the community, but also signals an exciting period of growth and development for the platform in the context of the blockchain and web3 landscape.

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