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Spotify Enters the Metaverse and Launches Spotify Island

Music streaming platform, Spotify announces its first step into the metaverse via the launch of Spotify Island. Despite its creation on the 9th of December 2021, it was not till the 6th of May 2022 that it really began to make waves. This was also due to a recent update.

At the moment, Spotify Island has no less than 1.7 million visitors. Despite the amount, it is able to support and offer them the best UX. All thanks to its thirty servers, which also allow users to invite and host friends on a private server. Over 41 thousand people consider it as their favourite metaverse. While the platform has more than 2 thousand active players.

Features of the Spotify Island Metaverse

Badges in Spotify Island Metaverse

Spotify Island metaverse offers an opportunity to meet your favourite artists, play with sounds and enjoy other possibilities. Users can explore various quests and collect special merch, while having fun. There is also a likes reward goal. Users who get 10 thousand likes will get double XP. While those who can get up to 20 thousand likes will get a promo code.

During the course of gameplay, there will be different badges that players can win. They include:

  • Hello World: this is more like a ticket than a boost or power up. It allows you to gain entry into the experience for the first time. As such, the rarity is 100%.
  • Magician: This badge allows you to use the wand up to 15 times. It has a rarity of 12.1% and has been won over 50 thousand times.
  • Lightshow: if you think the magician is rare, check out the lightshow. You only have an 8.0% chance of winning this badge. In fact, only about 25 thousand people ever did. If you do get it, you will find 5 different coloured glowsticks.
  • Party Ball: the party ball is similar to the hello world in terms of rarity. Everyone will likely find it, and more than 400 thousand players already did. With it, you can find one of the interactables that turns into a ball.
  • Producer: the producer badge is almost like a freebie, with a 97.5% rarity. This is evident with players winning it over 460 thousand times. You can use it to trigger 10 sounds in the music cave.
  • Full of Love: Being fairly easy to find, you have a 68.8% chance of finding Full of Love. Over 280 players have been able to find it. With this badge, users can collect 5 legendary hearts.

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