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Gala’s RPG Game Eternal Paradox Season 3 Second Conquest Event Starts this Saturday


  • The third season of EPX is at its midpoint and the community is focused on the upcoming Conquest event.
  • The [XII]SQUAREXII clan leads the first Conquest, closely followed by [DUB]Deadly.
  • The arrival of Wang has changed the dynamics of the game. With new abilities forcing players to adjust their strategies to maximize their performance.

The third season of Eternal Paradox (EPX) has reached its midpoint, and players are immersed in the competition for the fate of Elysium. The community is gearing up for the next Conquest event. Which offers great rewards and opportunities to showcase players’ skill and strategic ability.

The first Conquest event was won by the [XII]SQUAREXII clan, but the [DUB]Deadly clan is close to overtaking its leadership. On the other hand, [EPx]Eternals positioned third, closely followed by [GFX]GFGROUPX in fourth place.

The season is marked by the arrival of Wang, a new mercenary whose abilities have changed the game dynamics. Among his skill set is the ability to revive fallen allies and increase the chances of critical hits for light soldiers. A set of skills that has led players to readjust their strategies to fully exploit these new capabilities.

eternal paradox

Eternal Paradox Resumes Conquest on April 13th

The second Conquest is scheduled for Saturday, April 13th, and is expected to be a highlight of the season. Players must strengthen their armies and prepare for the upcoming competition. Strategy will be crucial during the development of this second stage, as clans will fight to maintain or improve their position in the rankings.

Additionally, the current season has also seen an increase in the importance of captain’s equipment and the pursuit of Wang’s Internal Affairs skill, which reduces the cost of improving captain’s equipment. This has pushed teams to execute more complex strategies, planning every move.

With the third season of Eternal Paradox in full swing, Phase 2 of the Conquest and the imposing presence of Wang, competition will increase and clans must be ready to evolve and adapt to the new competitive environment.

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