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Cryptobots Introduces Spaceship Battles

Cryptobots, a play-to-earn game metaverse, launches Spaceship Battles on its game platform. Spaceship Battles offer completely new gameplay mechanics that will take gamers’ battles to the highest level. Players also get rewarded daily apart from the ten reward-able wins limit available for Spaceships.

It is worth mentioning that players that are already familiar with Bot battles will find the Spaceship battles a walk in the park. That is because just like bots, Spaceship battles game mechanics progress in rounds, and the Acceleration stat determines the queue turn of a spaceship.

Highlights of the New Game Mechanic: The Energy System

The Energy system is the core feature of the Spaceship battle. It is crucial that players plan their skills and turns strategically to attain maximum efficiency with their fleet. Suffice to mention that a fleet of spaceships utilizes a shared pool of Energy and depending on the Energy; a spaceship can use up to three Skills per round.

At the start of the battle, each ship has 4-Energy and at the start of each round, Energy refills by 4. Any unused Energy will roll over to the next round but you can have only up to a maximum of 10-Energy per round.

According to Cryptobots, it is a smart move not to use up all energy but to save some for the next round to gain an edge over the opponent with a destructive attack.


Highlights of the Spaceship Skills

Each Spaceship comes with a Basic Skill at a fee of zero Energy. Upgrading to Special and Ultimate Skills can cost users from one to ten Energy. One distinctive difference within the Bot battles is that Spaceships have the opportunity to use multiple Skills in a single turn.

The Durability of the Spaceship

When you are defeated in a battle, it reduces the Durability of your Spaceship. When your Spaceship has zero Durability, it becomes impossible for it to fight in a battle and you also cannot sell it. All Spaceships on Testnet currently have 100% Durability. They also do not lose their Durability in battles.

More about Cryptobots

Cryptobots is a collection of historic 2017 NFTs with renounced contract ownership and long history. The platform launched the Classic Cryptobots in 2017 becoming one of the first playable NFTs in the industry.

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