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Axie Infinity Launches Custom Lunacian Codes

Axie Infinity is always about the interest of its community. The project considers members to be the top priority. To this effect, it introduces custom lunacian codes to give everyone a piece of the action. Following the launch of this initiative, players can benefit from referring new players.

There is no doubt an increase in participants offers promising opportunities to existing users. This is a chance to meet and foster relationships with new people. However, Axie wants everyone who puts effort into spreading the word to get special benefits. This is the idea behind this move.

All you Need to Know About the Custom Lunacian Codes

Referrals are nothing new, almost every project offers them. However, Axie Infinity is taking this process a couple of notches higher. As the name states, the custom lunacian codes can be set to your taste. You can personalize them to make them easier to remember. They will not be boring long links or disjointed combinations of letters and numbers. Even better, you can even align them to your brands.

However, the benefit is not just having a fancy means of referring. There are also financial incentives. Should a new player use your code to create an account, you will get between 1% to 4.25% of the amount they spend on the marketplace. You do not have to do anything, as the funds will be automatically sent to the wallet linked to your account.

How to Apply for the Axie Infinity Custom Lunacian Codes

The Axie Infinity custom lunacian codes are only open to users who apply properly. The registration portal will only be open once per month. If you miss out on it, you will have to wait till the following month to request your code. After you complete the process, will email to notify you that your application was successful.

To increase your chances of getting selected, use any of the forms below that suit you best:






Regulations Guiding the Referral Process

There are some laws guiding this program. They include the following:

New Community Feedback Approach

Axie Infinity New Feedback Approach

Axie Infinity introduces better ways for the community to give their feedback. Going forward, members can give their opinions via the  Axie Infinity: Origin – Feedback form. In addition, they can also tweet and tag @0xJaatster to make their grievances known. Nonetheless, the support ticket is still available to everyone who wants to share sensitive information with Sky Mavis.

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