The Sandbox Presents a New Type of Game Jam: The City Jam, Featuring the Paris Olympic Games
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The Sandbox Presents a New Type of Game Jam: The City Jam, Featuring the Paris Olympic Games


  • The City Jam Event: The Sandbox is hosting The City Jam, a Game Jam event that aligns with the Paris Olympic Games, inviting creators to build Olympic-themed interactive experiences in the virtual world.
  • Prizes and Participation: The top nine creators will win 3,000 SAND each and have their work featured on the Paris Estate, while places ten to fifteen receive 500 SAND. Participants must have a KYC-completed wallet.
  • Key Dates and Voting: The event starts on June 7, 2024, with submissions due by June 27. Public voting ends on July 3rd, followed by DAO voting until July 19th, and winners announced on July 26th.

The Sandbox has announced the launch of a unique event, The City Jam, coinciding with the upcoming Paris Olympic Games. This novel Game Jam invites creators to design and build interactive experiences that celebrate the spirit of the Olympics within the virtual realms of The Sandbox.

The Sandbox City Jams

The City Jam is more than just a competition; it’s a cultural exchange. Aspiring and seasoned creators are called to participate in this event that aims to integrate international cultures into The Sandbox, one city at a time. The top nine experiences will be showcased on a dedicated ‘City Estate’, representing global culture hubs.

CITY JAM: Paris Games

With the Olympic Games set to take place in Paris, The Sandbox is challenging creators to channel their inner athletes and artists. Participants are encouraged to craft Paris-themed experiences infused with elements of the Olympic Games, creating a virtual celebration of this monumental event.

Prizes and Participation

The Sandbox Presents a New Type of Game Jam: The City Jam, Featuring the Paris Olympic Games

The stakes are high with 3,000 SAND awarded to each of the top nine winners, along with the honor of being published on the Paris Estate. Places ten to fifteen will not leave empty-handed, receiving 500 SAND each. To be eligible for prizes, creators must have a wallet that has completed KYC.

Key Dates and How to Join

The City Jam kicks off on June 7, 2024, with a submission deadline of June 27. An AMA session on June 12 will shed light on what a City Jam entails, followed by a public vote concluding on July 3rd. The DAO voting phase will run from July 5th to 19th, culminating in the announcement of winners on July 26th.

Creators can participate by using The Sandbox’s free, no-code Game Maker software and are encouraged to collaborate with artists or utilize VoxEdit to create custom Paris-themed assets. Entries must be shared with the Game Maker Gallery or published on the Map and posted in the dedicated Forum thread.

Voting Process

The City Jam’s voting process includes an open vote phase where participants showcase their entries on the Creators Forum. The fifteen entries with the most community reactions will advance to the DAO vote. The Sandbox team will ensure that these entries meet the event’s criteria and rules.

This City Jam represents a significant step forward in The Sandbox’s commitment to fostering creativity and cultural diversity within its platform, offering a global stage for creators to shine during one of the world’s most celebrated sporting events.

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