Axie Infinity Axieween Update
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Axie Infinity Issues the Axieween Update

On the 20th of October, Axie Infinity launched some Halloween-themed challenges for creators. Days after unveiling this event, Lunacians identified some glitches during gameplay. Many in-game characters were turning into beasts, and some functions were not taking effect as they should. To resolve these issues, the team is issuing the Axieween update.

This patch consists of two sections. First is to inculcate some spooky features into the game in the spirit of Halloween. While the other involves fixing bugs and glitches that are currently preventing premium user experience of gamers.

Details of the Axie Infinity Axieween Challenges

As mentioned earlier, the Axie Infinity Axieween update will involve adding spooky touches to Origin. The effects will go live on 26th of October 2022, and players can begin enjoying them immediately.

Below are some of these changes:

  • The team will be adding new Halloween-themed backgrounds to the UI. Some of these wallpapers will include those from Axieween.
  • During this Halloween season, the different Axies in the Origin ecosystem will have special ghosts following them about. It remains unclear if these “ghosts” will have special effects on the abilities of such avatars during this period.

Axieween Update

While adding Halloween effects is the highlight of this patch, they aren’t the sole reason for it. Below are some of the bugs that they fixed in the Axie Infinity Axieween update:

  • The issue where an Axie with a debuff that got cleansed will apply the debuff instead of triggering the cleanser.
  • Drawing a Curse card would no longer consume a Cleanser stack.
  • Using the “Turnip” card will consume a Cleanser stack on the Axie anymore.
  • Gecko would only remove a debuff, instead of all Stun and Sleep.
  • Multihits will no longer apply two different types of poisons. In addition, multihits will only Secrets once instead of multiple times.
  • Charm of Focus will now work on AoE attacks. AoE attacks will trigger feather from henceforth.
  • Adaptive Program Rune will now give boosts multiple times.
  • Axies will be sorted correctly. The game will not freeze if players opened the Draw Pile menu before the prompt “You go first/second” show up.
  • There is now a new share replay button in the Battle Log that players can use during a duel.
  • Your new $SLP deposits will no longer disappear because you immediately craft a non-SLP recipe after transfer the tokens to your wallet.

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