ICE Poker 1st Anniversary Tournament
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Decentral Games Announces ICE Poker 1st Anniversary Tournament

Decentral Games is celebrating ICE Poker 1st anniversary by organizing a tournament. Crown and Scepter holders will get up to 90 shines on their wearables for participating in this competition. While 1st and 2nd positions will get mouthwatering prizes, there are compensations for participants with lower rankings.

This is a significant milestone as the firm has accomplished the a lot since launch of the first wearable. These initiatives have also helped the ecosystem evolve and become more robust.

Below are some of the strides since October 2022:

  • Launching the ICE Poker web platform and the Sit-n-Go Tournament Mode to foster competitive gameplay.
  • Introducing the ICE Merge reward to ensure scalable and sustainable growth.
  • Launching the Delegation Dashboard and other ICE Poker tools necessary for Guild Managers
  • Releasing the ICE Emotes, Accessories, and 17 wearable collections, enabling users to customize avatars to suit their tastes.
  • Launching metaverse advertising to promote brands like Mastercard and Tyson Foods.
  • Implementing measures to enable users to purchase items on the DG Marketplace with debit or credit cards.
  • Increasing the number of active users in Decentraland by more than 60% of the total players on the platform.
  • Expanding the backroom staff members to more than 40 to enable them to keep up with player demands.
  • Collaborating with top brands and communication to improve the game’s usefulness and in-game experiences.

Details of the ICE Poker 1st Anniversary Tournament

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The Decentral Games ICE Poker 1st anniversary tournament is a one-day affair. It will occur on Friday, the 28th of October 2022, between 5 and 9 PM (Eastern Standard Time). As mentioned earlier, there will be 90 shines for holders of specific wearables. The prize pool also includes 2,000 chips and 4 min blinds.

First and second positions will receive the following:

  • 1st Position 60 badges and a re-shine
  • • 2nd Position: 30 badges

Besides rewards for winners, every participant will get more Shine, badges, and Chips.

The tournament is not the only celebration to mark this anniversary. There will also be a metaverse event as part of the festivities in October. Unlike the contest, this event will take place between 3 and 7 PM on the same day. PopRoXxX will perform at the Stronghold, where community members can come to have a good time and claim some POAP.

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