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Light Trail Adventures NFT is Coming to Sandbox on January 15th

Members of the Sandbox community, are you ready for yet another amazing Sandbox experience? If you are, then you will be excited to hear this. The Light Trail Adventures NFT will be coming to Sandbox on Saturday the 15th of January 2022. This drop may precede the Light Trail Adventures game by the Light Trail Rush team.

Sandbox made this announcement via the Sandbox Medium Page. You can also check out the trailer on Sandbox YouTube. Continue reading to get more details on how to add these NFTs to your collection.

Details of the the Light Trail Adventures NFT Drop

By 3 PM UTC on January 15th, this collection will be live on the Sandbox Marketplace. Players who will like to be part of the Light Trail Rush Adventures should do well to participate in this drop. It promises an experience of awesome monsters and buildings.

Like prior Sandbox NFT drops, the Light Trail Adventure will also be coming in packs. The first pack is the Dungeon Quest Pack #1. This is a new collection of 8 different NFTs.

NFTs in This Collection

Sandbox Light Trail Adventures NFT

Below are the NFTs in this collection:

  • Rhino Mecha: This is a former who modifies his body into becoming a close combat master. Depending on your morals, you can either become his foe or his ally.
  • Laying Queen: looking like a dreadful creature from the underworld. The only thing as dreadful as her looks is her aggression. Hang around the extraction cave and you will most likely find her.
  • Fighter Drone: who could have known that there were drones in ancient times. Theses bots zealously protect certain treasures. They are lurking deep within the dungeon.
  • Mimic Chest: do not let the gold which they hold fool you. These treasure boxes are as deadly as they can get. Very few can survive trying to raid them.
  • Altar of Memory: this altar of lost love emanates tranquility. Despite being ages old and melancholic, it offers you ease to rest and recover.
  • Mimic Statue: there is something about this statue that makes it seem alive. It is almost as though it is watching you. The violent aura it emits makes you want to keep your distance. A very unsettling feeling.
  • Evil’s Den: an ancient plant from a time long forgotten. The only reminder of its cruelty are the skeletal remains of its victims. Hopefully, someone will one day put an end to the horror it brings.. Just hopefully.

If you are a fan of Sandbox’s experiences, you will definitely be intrigued by this new experience. Unlike prior experiences, it promises more action and adventure. So head over to the Sandbox Marketplace by 3:00 PM UTC and get your favorite Light Trail Adventures NFT.

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