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Seoul Stars to Hold GEN2 Minting Event on January 16, 2022

Seoul Stars, the world’s number 1 virtual K-pop Idol game platform, has announced the launch of its GEN2 Mint event. Suffice to mention that the GEN1 mint was sold out when it launched and the game platform is set to hold a second edition of the minting event. This event is slated to take place on January 16, 2022, at 12 pm UTC.


During this event, the $SSTAR tokens would be available to the public to mint. Each $SSTAR token will be available for mint at 2.5 SOL during this event. A total of 10,000 unique NFT illustrations of Yuna have been crafted. 

Of this number, Seoul Stars already sold out the first 2,850 units during the GEN1 mint event. The GEN2 mint event will see the sale of 2,150 units of the $SSTAR tokens with minting numbers 2851-5000.

Highlights of Seoul Stars $SSTAR NFTs

Also referred to as the Yuna NFT, the $SSTAR token is a scarce digital asset that offers holders discounted and exclusive access to the future concerts and albums of Yuna in the metaverse. The token will also give holders access to the special play-to-earn Seoul Stars rhythms and karaoke game. 

Players of the game will have the opportunity to earn the governance tokens, $SSTAR, which gives them exclusive rights to take part in the development of the identity of Yuna. The tokens come in different rarity, ranging from EPIC, RARE, UNCOMMON, to COMMON

Seoul Stars nft

Each NFT has its unique features and benefits that accrue to the holders in the metaverse. There are different attributes of the NFTs that players can purchase to decorate their NFTs. These attributes include clothes, hair, hair accessories, eyes, glasses, lips, ear, tattoo, necklace, base, and background.

What is the Seoul Stars Game?

The Seoul Stars Game is a play-to-earn, sing-to-earn, produce-songs-to-earn Rhythm & Karaoke game platform. The game is an online rhythm/karaoke game where players act as DJ to earn tokens or sing to earn. 

The game uses the Seoul Stars Yuna NFT as its in-game avatars and it will also be used to unlock different skills in the game. Using these skills players will be able to produce music in the metaverse and earn profits while at it. Suffice to mention that Seoul Stars will be listed on Solanart on January 19, 2022.

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