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Xterio Games Launches Legend of Titans Competition

Xterio Games has launched the Legend of Titans Competition. It starts on 1st March 2023, 4 am UTC and ends on 14th March 2023, 4 am UTC.

With the support of global Alpha communities, NFT enthusiasts, and influencers, Xterio Foundation leads the LOT competition with a grand prize of $30,000.

Xterio is a free-to-play and-earn Web3 game development platform. If you are a Web3 fan, you can show off your skills and strength by participating in this ultimate battle! The best part? You can enter the competition as a team and as an individual too. This LOT competition has a bonus event for every participant and a team battle event too!

Before entering the competition, you can look at the following Terms And Conditions.

What do you Get if you Win the LOT Competition?

If you win, Xterio Games have these two prize categories for you:

  • If you participate in the team battle event as a group member, you win $499 max (in USDT).
  • And there’s a bonus event for individuals with 120 prizes of $100 (in USDT). However, you can win one prize only.

More about Team Battle Event

The first group prize is $10,000 max (USDT), and the second is $5,000 max (USDT). If your tribe gets the third group prize, you will get $3,000 maximum (in USDT).

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More about the individual Bonus Event

You didn’t win the team battle event? Well, you can still win the individual bonus event. One hundred and twenty prizes of $100 (In USDT) are available for LOT Bonus Event for individual winners. 

How to Participate in the LOT Competition?

To participate, you must visit the official website to enter the competition and connect your wallet. And you must do all the stuff listed on their Galxe page.

Before entering the competition, you must calculate your Divine Power. Then, you can join or create your tribe!

How do you Calculate your Divine Power?

Add your asset points to your invitee’s asset points and get your DP. Below are some of the rules you will have to abide by:

You become a Titan if you create a tribe, so you cannot quit the tribe or transfer the rights and title to another participant. And you become a Warrior if you join a tribe. When you become a Warrior, your individual Divine Power adds to the tribal DP. You cannot transfer or quit a tribe unless you are in the top 5% of the individual DP rank on the top 20 tribes selection round. You will be given a “lifeline” if your tribe gets eliminated from the competition to choose your tribe yet again.

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