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Top 5 Move-to-Earn Games that Pay You for Working Out

Another fast-rising NFT-based blockchain gaming genre is the move-to-earn and it is gaining popularity among NFT enthusiasts. Move-to-earn games use advanced technology to monitor the movement of players and reward them with crypto for working out

What this means is that you can earn crypto for simply performing your routine exercise. It is important to mention that most of these games require that users purchase an NFT to earn crypto as rewards for workouts. In this post, we look at the top 5 move-to-earn NFT-based games that pay users for working out.

Which Move-to-Earn Games Pay Users for Working Out?

There are several move-to-earn games in the industry but some have been able to distinguish themselves. It is imperative to mention that each game works differently

However, most of them involve rewarding users with crypto when they complete in-game tasks, such as completing a workoutwinning a race, or walking. Let us look at the top 5 move-to-earn games that pay you for doing what you enjoy.



This is a Web3 move-to-earn and NFT-based game featuring a lifestyle app. STEPN rewards users for completing tasks, such as workouts. The platform rewards you with GMT tokens for cycling, running, and walking, among others. The more movement you complete, the more tokens you earn on the platform.

So, what can you use the token for? You can use the earned $GMT token to purchase in-game items, including new avatars, for upgrades, or trade it on the marketplace. You can also invest it in other cryptos. STEPN offers an easy-to-use interface and attractive rewards. You need to make a little investment by purchasing an NFT to become eligible to earn rewards on the platform.

step app

Step App

This is another interesting move-to-earn lifestyle and fitness app that allows users to earn rewards when they compete in the Metaverse. The platform uses augmented reality to transform users’ fitness goals into earning potential. Users can participate in friendly competitions to earn. 

The first thing is to choose a SNEAKs NFT and then use the same as your workout gear. Using this to move in the virtual world, you can earn the in-game NFT, $KCALs. Users can also buy non-Sneak items, such as skins

They can compete with friends or other users on the platform to earn from a crypto pool. Step App offers a great way for fitness enthusiasts to earn income while doing what they love. You can also stake your SNEAKs in the marketplace to earn $KCALs, which is the in-game currency.



Genopets is the self-acclaimed first move-to-earn NFT-based game in the world. It is a pet-raising gaming Metaverse that lets its users earn $GENE tokens when they move to take care of their spirit animal. These spirit animals are pets that evolve through the daily engagement of users. 

The more you take care of your pet, the higher the GENE tokens you earn on the platform. As users travel across the Genoverse, they are challenged to upgrade their Genopet NFT. To do this, they have to transform their movement into GENEs. 

Users can trade their GENEs in the marketplace or sell them to other players. They can also participate in competitions and leaderboards to earn more tokens. 



This is the first exercise-to-earn gym launched in the Metaverse. It has a mobile application, a smartwatch app, and a polygon-based currency, $MGCN. MetaGym also features Sleep-Fi, Game-Fi, and Fit-Fi as part of the components of its platform. Users on the platform are given NFT avatars referred to as MetaGym Buddies. 

Users can perform cardiocompete in fitness challenges, and login health behaviors to earn $MGCN. With this token, users can power up, upgrade, level up, or mint new NFT clothing. Some tasks you can perform to earn tokens on MetaGym include strength and resistance training and cardiorespiratory training.



This is another move-to-earn NFT-based platform that lets users earn MOOV tokens when they complete workouts. The platform uses Augmented Reality to enhance the experience on its Metaverse. Users can also complete workouts in the physical world and earn tokens for it

Using MOOV points, Dotmoovs tracks the progress of users and rewards them accordingly. You can take part in dance and freestyle football activities on the platform and you can use earned points to buy in-game items, such as avatars. You can also use the tokens to upgrade or participate in leaderboards and competitions.

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