Outer Ring Underground Market is Now Live!
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Outer Ring Underground Market is Now Live!

Outer Ring, the popular video game developed by Maniac Panda Games, has launched its much-anticipated Crafting Web3 system. This innovative feature allows players to construct weapons and armor, as well as stake with NFTs lands to obtain materials. All of these activities can be performed through the game’s Dapp.

Under the slogan “Build Your Future”, the project lays the groundwork for players to start building the arsenal they will use in future versions of the game. The crafting process involves interacting with the species of Outer Ring throughout the entire crafting process to build their weapons and armor. Each character in Outer Ring represents a Pool, and players will need to use them during a three-step itinerary to create, design, and assemble each of their NFTs.

The Underground Market System is a New Feature in the Video Game

The Outer Ring Crafting System is an innovative feature in the Outer Ring MMO. This system allows players to dive deep into the world of Outer Ring and uncover the secrets behind crafting. From gathering materials to creating advanced weaponry. The system was launched as a Web3 Crafting System, enabling players to build weapons and armor.

Outer Ring Underground Market is Now Live!

As part of the crafting system, Outer Ring is introducing the Underground Market, a concept often associated with economic transactions deemed illegal. However, in the context of a game like Outer Ring, it could potentially refer to a marketplace for trading crafted items or resources.

The Underground Market is a versatile platform that facilitates immediate transactions for buying, selling, and acquiring materials. This market not only provides convenience but also empowers players with significant influence over the economy of crafting materials. It enables them to list their items and determine their own prices, thereby offering an unprecedented level of control.

To start enjoying the Crafting experience and the underground market, users must meet some basic requirements: possess a wallet to connect to the Outer Ring Dapp and have the necessary materials in it to manufacture the desired object. These materials can be obtained in the Outer Ring Farms, through the Staking Pools of GQ, or through an exchange within the DeFi section.

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