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DeRace Beta Launch Set for December 28

DeRace, a play-to-earn NFT-based horse racing metaverse has announced the launch of the DeRace beta version which is scheduled to take place on December 28. The game is blockchain-based and powered by SDERC. To participate in the game, players must own the in-game NFT Horse asset

The NFT is available for purchase through the Binance NFT platform. Players in the game will have the opportunity to take part in horse races, build their own NFT hippodrome and earn a profit, and breed NFT horses with exceptional attributes.

What are the Features of the DeRace Game Platform?

DeRace is an absolute NFT-based horse racing metaverse that allows its members to take part in horse races. Numerous features are inherent in the game that players can explore.

NFT Horses: These are one-of-a-kind horses with distinctive traits and visual appearances. They are different in terms of performance, rarity, and cool-down time.

Horse Breeding: Using Ethereum Smart Contract and Genetic Algorithm, holders of the NFT Horses can breed horses and create exceptional NFT horse genetics.

Horse Races: Players can participate in horse races, complete challenges, and earn while they play. The horse races on the platform are based on RNG technology. It allows winning players to get a certain percentage of other participant fees and extra prizes.

In-game Horse Marketplace: Members of the DeRace universe will have the opportunity to buy and sell NFT horses in the DeRace marketplace. They can also choose to trade their NFT horses in other NFT marketplaces. 

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The horses can be used in the DeRace universe to generate more cash flow that can be utilized to burn RTF tokens. Suffice to mention that the value of the ETF reflects the live value of the NFT horses. They are liquid, which makes them valuable to crypto holders.

The NFT Horses are designed to be net deflationary to highlight the game platform as one of the very few NFTs that are first a product with a strong business model. The NFT Horse holders have premium access to the game platform and exclusive access to various NFT drops

They are also the first to get invited to explore new features on the game platform. That means there are many benefits associated with holding the NFT Horse tokens.

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