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Racing Time Launches Presale of Mystery Boxes

There have been lots of blockchain games available for gamers to play. However, not many promises the combination of adrenaline rush and car racing like racing time. To provide players with an even better with the presale of its mystery boxes. These boxes contain in-game assets and power ups that will help users to win races. It posted details of this presle on it medium handle.

Details of the Presale of Mystery Boxes

The sale of these mystery boxes will begin on the 21st of October 2021. It will start by 3 PM UTC and will run for 72 hours or till when interested persons buy all the available boxes. There will be three tiers available for sale. This includes PLATINUM, GOLD AND DIAMOND. To ensure that everyone gets a chance to buy, buyers can only buy ten of them in one transaction. Players can use $FLOW or $fUSD as payments.

Considering that the presale will only be for 72 hours, limiting the amount of  boxes per transaction will help to strike a balance. It will give small unit buyers the opportunity to buy as well. To enable some level of stability during the sale, Racing Time will take a snapshot of $FLOW’s price. It will then work with the price in this snapshot during the course of the presale. However, there will be a 10% premium fee to compensate for changes in prices.

To participate in this presale, you must have a FLOW address in a Blocto wallet. Visit the FLOW website to get more information on how to set up a FLOW wallet. Interested persons can buy FLOW from centralized wallets like Binance, Kraken, Huobi and Kucoin then transfer to the FLOW wallet. You can also bridge your ERC-20 USDT account to FLOW using BloctoSwap.

Breakdown of a Mystery Box

mystery boxes tiers

As mentioned earlier, there will be three types of mystery boxes. Each one, irrespective of their class will contain a car, a tail spoiler, a hub, an exterior spoiler, an exhaust panel and paint. Speaking of class, there will be A, S and SS level of rarity. A is the most common and SS classes are very rare. In simpler terms, purchasing boxes of higher tiers increases your chances of getting rare cars and accessories.

One important thing to note is that there are no assurances that a SS mystery box will only contain SS level accessories alone. It may contain items from other classes as well. For example, a SS tier box may contain an A level tail spoiler, a S level hub, an SS level exterior spoiler and an A level exhaust funnel.

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