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DeRace IGO Launch Set For Binance Marketplace

Fans of racing and blockchain games should gear up for a one of a kind event. DeRace IGO launch will launch on the Binance marketplace. DeRace gave details of this launch via an earlier press release.

Details of DeRace IGO Launch

DeRace IGO will start on the 26th of October by 9 AM UTC. It will continue till the 2nd of November by 9 AM UTC or whenever all NFTs are sold out. To partake in this event, interested buyers will have to create a binance account. From their Binance accounts, they can directly purchase NFTs.

Users can visit the Binance marketplace to get more information on how to buy NFTs. Binance is banned in certain countries and not all interested persons may be able to participate in this event.

DeRace IGO launch partners with Binance

Auction Bids in DeRace IGO Launch

All the 5 tiers of the limited Binancians as well as the Olympians will be available for auction. Interested buyers will input the price for which they want to pay for the NFT. After entering the price you want to pay, click on “place bid” to enter the auction. The person with the highest bid will get the token at the end. Below are the details of the horses available for auction:

  • Tier 1 Binancian Olympian and DeRace Olympian — bidding price starts at 6700 $BUSD/ticket
  • Tier 2 Binancian Demi-god —bidding price starts at 3800 $BUSD/ticket
  • Tier 3 Binancian Alfa — bidding price starts at 1590 $BUSD/ticket
  • Tier 4 Binancian Beta — bidding price starts at 420 $BUSD/ticket
  • Tier 5 Binancian Omega —bidding price starts at 280 $BUSD/ticket

Fixed Sales

Besides the auction, there will also be sales of NFTs at a fixed price. This will ensure that low level buyers also get to benefit from this opportunity. Below are the details of the fixed sale:

  • Tier 2 DeRace Demi-god will sell for 3800 $BUSD/ticket
  • Tier 3 DeRace Alfa will sell for 1590 $BUSD/ticket
  • Tier 4 DeRace Beta will sell for 420 $BUSD/ticket
  • Tier 5 DeRace Omega will sell for 280 $BUSD/ticket

DeRace Shop also Set For Launch

Aside the launch, there will be another sale event while the IGO is ongoing. NFT horse available on DeRace Shop on the 28th of October. Members of DeRace community can easily trade in-game assets using the DERC token.

About Binance NFT

Binance NFT is the official NFT marketplace for trading non-fungible tokens. It comes at a good time considering that Steam recently banned blockchain games. This marketplace offers Premium Events, Mystery Box and a Marketplace,

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