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Dragonverse Neo Announces Special Season on BNB Chain for veMBOX Holders


  • Special BNB Chain Season: Dragonverse Neo introduces a Special Season on the BNB Chain, exclusively for veMBOX holders, running from June 14 to June 24, with a total of 30,000 $MBOX in rewards.
  • Character Customization & Gameplay: Players can create and save up to five outfits using the Character Editor, and explore various rooms in the Open World with intuitive game controls.
  • REALMs & Rewards: Three REALMs—Dream Pet, Infinite Rumble, and Milky Way—offer unique challenges and leaderboard rankings, with rewards for top scorers and additional benefits from capturing DragonPals.

Dragonverse Neo has announced a Special Season on the BNB Chain, exclusively for veMBOX holders. This announcement comes after the successful conclusion of Beta Test Season 1 on the Merlin Chain, which garnered positive feedback from players worldwide.

The first season of Dragonverse Neo was met with enthusiasm and acclaim, with players lauding the gameplay, quality, and user experience. The developers have taken this feedback to heart, using it as a springboard to launch an interlude season that promises to be even more engaging.

BNB Chain Season: An Exclusive Event

The Special Season on the BNB Chain is set to be a unique experience for veMBOX holders, with a snapshot taken on June 11 to determine eligibility. The season will run from June 14 to June 24, with rewards distributed shortly after. A total of 30,000 $MBOX is up for grabs, incentivizing players to dive into the competition.

To participate, players must install the game launcher and log in with their wallets. The developers recommend a fresh install for those who participated in the alpha test to ensure optimal performance. The minimum system specifications have been outlined to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Character Customization: Express Your Style

Once logged in, players can design their characters using the Character Editor, with the ability to save up to five unique outfits. These avatars will represent players in the Open World and REALMs, adding a personal touch to the gaming experience.

The Open World awaits players, offering various rooms to start their adventure. The game controls are intuitive, allowing for seamless exploration and interaction within this expansive universe.

REALMs: The Heart of Competition

Three REALMs offer distinct challenges:

  • Dream Pet: A simulation adventure where players can earn Pet Scores.
  • Infinite Rumble: A PvP battle arena to accumulate Rumble Points.
  • Milky Way: Where players can capture DragonPals to boost their scores.

Rewards are distributed based on leaderboard rankings, with separate leaderboards for Dream Pet and Infinite Rumble. Players can increase their chances by capturing DragonPals in the Milky Way realm, each race providing different buffs to aid in their quest for victory.

Conclusion: A Season of Strategic Fun

Dragonverse Neo’s Special Season on the BNB Chain is shaping up to be a memorable event for the gaming community. With strategic gameplay, social connections, and the chance to win significant rewards, it’s an opportunity not to be missed by veMBOX holders and MOBOX enthusiasts alike.

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