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Four Gods Releases New Updates

The play-to-earn game platformFour Gods, has released the details of its latest updates. The updates cover spinning wheel improvement, new package addition, mount summon craft addition, and other changes to item names and packages.

Highlights of the New Updates

Spinning Wheel Improvement

Four Gods game platform mentioned it has changed the Spinning Wheel of Growth reward. With the update, the Normal Aspect Gear Stele Ticket is x20 while Rare Aspect Gear Stele Ticket and Epic Aspect Gear Stele Ticket are x5 and x1 respectively. Also, it made an upgrade to the Stone Spinning Wheel, which covers different components.

Addition of a New Package

Four Gods game has added a new Package, which users can use to get the Aspect Gear Tickets. The added package will enable users to add twenty slots to Inventory and Warehouse. The platform also mentioned it will add a new summon Package to enable users to earn Evil Elimination Gear based on available probabilities. 

Also, it will add two more packages to enable users to receive the Mount Stone craft materials. Users can also exchange Green Gem for Red Gem with an additional package the team will add. 

four gods

Mount Summon Craft Addition

The gaming platform also revealed it has added different items for crafting. These include White Horse Summon Stone, White Wolf Summon Stone, Fierce Tiger Summon Stone, Silver Fox Summon Stone, and Normal Craft. Users can now obtain the Mount Summon Stone Craft materials for crafting.

Highlights of Other Updates on the Four Gods Game Platform

Four Gods platform mentioned it has made some changes to its Package Shop. The Category Change (Buff Package) now has a different name from the Package Shop as it will now be called the Flash Sale. Other updates highlighted by the game platform include:

Item name Modification: Inventory is now Inventory +10 while Expansion Ticket retains its original name.

Special Offer Package ModificationThe platform has modified the names of items in the Special Offer Package. The changed names include Talisman Package, Warlord Gear Package (A), Warlord Gear Package (A) II, Enhancement Spell Package, Tower of the Departed Package, and Tower of the Departed Package II. Others include Gear Level Up Package, Gear Level Up Package II, Gear Level Up Package III, and Ancient Silver Fox Package. 

The comprehensive details of the updates and modifications performed on the game platform are available on the official website of the Four Gods.

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