Nakamoto Games Announces New Projects in Weekly Development Sprints
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Nakamoto Games Announces Upcoming Projects in its Weekly Development Sprints

Nakamoto Games has issued its weekly development sprints for the 26th to the 30th of September. The team introduces new projects in this edition that will join the ecosystem. The first is Escape, a top-tier 3D game that demands players logically solve problems to progress. There are also plans to improve the Trading Card Game. This announcement comes after an earlier update on using the Chainlink VRF to distribute NAKA Punks NFTs.

Details of the Nakamoto Games Weekly Development Sprints

The team highlights its ongoing plans in this edition of the Nakamoto Games weekly development sprints. Although there are multiple projects undertaking development simultaneously, the focus is on Escape. This is a robot-themed game that involves navigating through different virtual rooms. Players can go solo or work together to solve the puzzles and break out.

Currently, the devs are implementing the web3 testnet API for the Escape game. While unveiling this new addition, Nakamoto did not state more details. Nonetheless, it stated that the game would soon be added to the ecosystem. This will happen when the development team completes the necessary finishing touches.

In the meantime, they will continue implementing new graphic designs for its collectible card game. This genre of gameplay is prominent in the play to earn niche. As such, the dev wants to improve on the standards already existing in the industry. When the modifications are set, the game will be available by the 4th quarter of 2022. Nakamoto Games is eager to add this new project to its diverse ecosystem.

Outlanders MMORPG Roadmap Reveal

Speaking of additions, Outlanders is ready and currently undergoing an internal beta test. This game is an immersive MMORPG that is built on blockchain. It contains enticing rewards and offers impressive virtual regions that players will enjoy. However, there is no defined date for its release. Instead, the company will launch this project when the DeFi market has more favourable and stable conditions.

The team is confident that these three new games will significantly improve the ecosystem. Besides offering more diverse gameplay, they will also give players an immersive user experience. More importantly, Nakamoto Games is now compatible with Dogechain, and its platform is more scalable. Therefore, the community should expect new and exciting games to be introduced over the coming months.

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