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$GMM Holders to Enjoy Governance Benefits

Gamium is set to give $GMM Holders governance benefits in the Metaverse. This will give them the privilege to become decision-makers in the decentralized organization. The team will publish the first proposal on this decision to its community members in due time.

How $GMM Holders Will Enjoy Governance Benefits

Gamium is a decentralized metaverse that has a mission to build a better social digital world. To enable it to meet its adjective, it has to work with its community members. As such, the game is developing practical tools to enable it to collect feedback from users of the game. This is why it is making $GMM holders have governance benefits.

Following this decision, those who hold the governance token will be able to initiate proposals, vote and give their opinions. It intends to have a system in place that will be healthy and involve all members of its community. This announcement is the first step towards achieving its goal. In the coming days, it will give further updates in regards to this process.

Details of the Gamium DAO

The Gamium DAO is a decentralized organization that will shape the future of the Gamium Metaverse. Members will take responsibility for proposing, discussing and voting on decisions. To become a member of this forum, individuals will have to buy and hold $GMM tokens.

The Dao will operate with the following values:

  • Transparency in the process of sharing proposals and making decisions.
  • Openness to new ideas, economic models and political systems.
  • Rationality when making any decision.
  • Defending ideas and propositions through proper argument.
  • Collective decision-making towards the benefits of the whole Gamium DAO community.

The decision-making process begins with members of the forum submitting proposals. The forum will receive the proposal, make their arguments and pass votes. Users will be able to cast votes according to this system 1 $GMM = 1 vote.

$GMM Token Burn

There will be a snapshot platform that will serve the purpose of voting. After the passing of a proposal, the approval becomes available for voting on the Gamium DAO Snapshot Space. The authentication process will take place on an off-chain wallet.

The voting process will follow these steps:

  • DAO members propose new ideas to the forum.
  • The ideas are argued upon to ensure that are ready for preproposal.
  • Members of the forum give their comments and the representatives decide if there will be a vote.
  • Voting is done on the snapshot proposal, depending on the amount $GMM each member is holding.
  • If the proposal receives approval, the Gamium team will proceed to implement it.

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