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Mist Metaverse Reveals Human’s Deep Dive Racial Abilities

As players already know, choosing the race is a critical decision that affects the adjustments that players may want to make while playing a race as a character. Mist Metaverse, a play-to-earn MMORPG game metaverse, has revealed more details about its Human Race, including a description of the Humans, their abilities, and personalities.

Who are the Humans?

Humans are residents of the Southern part of Dunia but can be found across Midirim. They are relatively young compared to other races. However, they have achieved more than other races despite their limited existence in Midirim. 

Humans are ambitious and aim to grow their society and help every member get ahead. They sometimes overstep boundaries and impose their wills on others because of their desire to progress. They value responsibility and duty.

Unique Features of the Human Race in Gameplay

While the Human Race currently has specific features, these are subject to change as the metaverse balances the game skills and mechanics along the way. Here are the highlights of the special features of Humans in the gameplay.

Fast Learner: This passive ability gives humans more skills and experience for completing quests, battling, and killing monsters.

Will to Survive: This ability makes humans take fewer damages when below 40% of their maximum health. For each percent that their health decreases, the human race takes less damage for the rest of their health.

Mist metaverse

Fast Thinker: This ability lets humans benefit from minimized cool-downs of most abilities. With this, they can perform skills or cast spells faster than other races in the game.

Inspiring Speech: This enables humans to give inspiring speeches to allies to increase everyone’s healing and damage, depending on the side they are.

Word of Mouth: When the healing ability is released on a close ally, they benefit a certain percentage from the healing. When performed with Worth of Mouth, the healing spells obtain an AOE effect.

More Details about Mist Metaverse

Mist Metaverse is a play-to-earn MMORPG game metaverse built on Binance Smart Chain. The game platform allows players to farm, collect, and earn NFTs in-game. These NFTs are used as in-game items, which bring numerous bonuses to players. Gamers can swap or trade their NFTs on 3rd-party platforms or in-game. 

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