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Guild of Guardians Announces Reduction in Secondary Sales Royalties for Core 1 and Gen 1 Guardians NFTs ‍


  • Guild of Guardians reduces secondary sales royalties for Core 1 and Gen 1 Guardians NFTs. Aiming to benefit players and strengthen the in-game economy.
  • Previously, a 5% royalty was applied to NFT transactions on Immutable zkEVM markets. But it has now been drastically reduced to 0.5% as part of a platform launch celebration.
  • This fee reduction will allow players to retain a larger portion of their earnings when buying, selling, or trading their Guardians. Thus promoting a more active and robust in-game economy.

Guild of Guardians, the blockchain gaming platform, has announced a significant reduction in secondary sales royalties for its Core 1 and Gen 1 Guardians NFTs. It’s a strategy aimed at benefiting players and energizing the game’s economy.

Previously, when players traded their Core 1 or Gen 1 Guardians NFTs on any NFT market on Immutable zkEVM, a 5% royalty was applied to the transaction. However, Guild of Guardians has decided to drastically reduce this fee to 0.5%, in an effort to celebrate the launch of its platform and reward users.

This fee reduction represents a significant advantage for players. As it will allow them to retain a larger portion of their earnings when buying, selling, or trading their Guardians. Additionally, this measure is expected to boost trading activity within the game, thus creating a more dynamic and robust economy.

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Guild of Guardians Strengthens its Economy and Seeks NFT Resurgence

Guild of Guardians’ announcement is a testament to its commitment to its player community and its goal of creating a sustainable gaming experience. By allowing players to trade their heroes more freely and efficiently. The platform aims to empower its community and build a consistent future for its ecosystem.

For those looking to benefit from this promotion. It’s important to note that the new 0.5% royalties have been in effect since May 31 and will apply exclusively to Gen 1 and Core 1 series NFTs. Players can verify the eligibility of their NFTs by reviewing metadata on any NFT market.

Furthermore. Guild of Guardians has assured its players that the new royalties will apply to both new and existing transactions. This means that even transactions created before the new royalties took effect will be executed with the reduced 0.5% fee.

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