Nakamoto Games to Unveil Game Developer Dashboard on July 21st
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Nakamoto Games to Unveil Game Developer Dashboard on July 21st

Nakamoto Games announces the 21st of July as the date for the unveiling of its Game Developer Dashboard. The addition of this new product signifies the introduction of a new web3 gaming era. Through this initiative, the team intends to bridge the gap between traditional and blockchain gaming.

Nakamoto Games has been making significant strides in recent times. Not too long ago, the team offered top brands the opportunity to promote their businesses, products, and services in the metaverse. Interested companies must buy and lock $NAKA tokens to be eligible for this opportunity.

By doing this, this game is increasing the use cases for its native token. This will, in turn, increase its value and ensure sustainable tokenomics. Despite the proposition, the promotions will not include intrusive ads. Instead, Nakamoto will integrate elements of these brands into various aspects of gameplay. For example, players will be able to drive virtual cars of vehicle manufacturers that subscribe to this offer.

Details of the Nakamoto Games Game Developer Dashboard

Details of the Nakamoto Games Game Developer Dashboard

At the moment, Nakamoto has more than 200 unique gaming options in its portfolio. Despite attaining this milestone, the team wants to expand its horizon to incorporate the needs of more players. To achieve this aim, the team is offering traditional game developers an opportunity to become part of the ecosystem.

The Game Developer Dashboard is a medium through which individual game designers can submit their projects for approval to the Nakamoto team. More so, these submissions do not have to be already-made web3 games. Individuals can develop traditional gaming options and submit them for approval.

Nakamoto Games will then review projects that people submit via the Game Developer Dashboard. After a thorough assessment, they can either approve or reject the submissions. Upon approval, developers will use the $NAKA SDK to convert the game from web2 to web3. After which, they will be able to mint in-game assets as NFTs and incorporates other standards that are in line with the transition process.

This initiative will usher in more traditional players as Nakamoto will be working with mostly web3 game designers. In addition, there will be several events across Thailand Universities to support this initiative. The inaugural edition of this event will take place at Mahidol University – a Nakamoto MOU partner.

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