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Illuvium Announces Exciting Improvements for ZERO

Industrial construction game enthusiasts have reason to be excited, as Illuvium Zero, the popular game that combines creating a virtual industrial complex with efficient fuel generation, has released an update packed with innovations.

One of the main improvements focuses on the user experience. The Illuvium Zero developers have redesigned the activity validation screens to make them more accessible and easier to understand.

This will allow players to navigate the game more easily and understand their actions.

For Android gamers, the news is doubly exciting. Illuvium Zero is preparing to launch on the Android Play Store, making the game even easier to access.

It is confirmed that WebGL is still in development in Illuvium

It is important to highlight that the WebGL platform continues in the development process. This news assures players of a high-level gaming experience that will be available on various platforms, thus maintaining quality in all aspects of the game.

The open beta of the game will offer the option to purchase credits with fiat currency or cryptocurrencies on the Android platform.

Illuvium Zero Announces Exciting News in its Industrial Virtual World

This financial flexibility will provide players with a variety of options to enhance their gaming experience.

The game’s efficiency has been improved with renewed calculations, which will allow players to carry out their industrial operations more smoothly. Additionally, activity planning has been simplified, with quality of life features added to make task organization easier.

An exciting feature is the ability to use credits to hire more builders and speed up building construction. This promises faster progression in the game.

Illuvium Zero has also focused on improving the player’s visual and auditory experience. New visual effects and a zoom function have been added that allow you to see the entire game plot. Additionally, FMOD integration is being worked on for an immersive audio experience.

The future also looks bright, as the developers have announced that they are working on additional features, such as the inclusion of floors and podiums, improvements to backend security, and the addition of holographic statues.

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