WidiLand Reveals New Features and More Balanced Gameplay in Version v1.2
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WidiLand Reveals New Features and More Balanced Gameplay in Version v1.2

WidiLand, a multiplayer play-to-earn game platform built on blockchain technology, has announced the release of WidiLand v1.2. It also talks about the new features and major changes made to the Daily Quest on the game platform. According to the Development team, the new improvements will help during the launch of the new features.

Highlights of Updates to the Daily Quest on WidiLand

Every member of the game platform is a hardworking citizen. Players must complete different activities from the Daily Quests to earn money. The tasks for each day differ as the system automatically reset them each day.

Some tasks that are included in the Daily Quests include Make 50 Bread(s), Make 50 Wheat(s), Make 100 Goods, Plant 200 Crops, and Finish 50 Orders. For each task that a player completes, they earn 100 coins. At the end of the game, players are paid in the in-game currency, $WSO tokens.

Fulfilling the orders is very crucial in the game platform. Each player will get an order board containing orders from citizens and guests in the metaverse. When you complete more orders, you get more rewards. The rewards on the game platform are referred to as Achievements.

These are one of the special challenges and features in the game. Players who complete specific in-game challenges or become the best in a particular field also earn appropriate rewards.


How to Become a WidiLand Citizen

Being part of the game comes with entertainment and attractive rewards. Members of the game platform start with one cropland and three default NFT characters. These would function as assistants during the difficult early days in the game platform.

Players can participate in various activities including farming, engaging in tasks to earn prizes, and improving productivity through activities. These are referred to as the gameplay in WidiLand. To get started on the platform:

  • Sign up for an account by logging in to MetaMask and then registering an account on the official website of WidiLand.
  • Connect your wallet by clicking on “Connect Wallet” and then selecting the type of wallet that you want to use.
  • After you connect your wallet, fill out your username, email address, and password, and then save your account.
  • You can proceed to start playing the game by downloading it on your device.

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