Dragonverse Neo Launches Alpha Test Today
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Dragonverse Neo Launches Alpha Test Today

The fascinating Dragonverse Neo universe has opened its doors, marking a milestone as the first 3D open world co-created and co-governed by the community.

In an exciting announcement, MOBOX has released the alpha version to key contributors, inviting them to immerse themselves in this aesthetic marvel.

To enter this realm, those interested will need a Windows PC and a 6-digit Dragonkey to access the game.

The step-by-step guide eases the process from downloading and installing the game launcher to customizing avatars, recommending Anime style to better align with the world of Dragonverse Neo.

Once inside the game, players are encouraged to freely explore the vast world by interacting with NPCs, triggering stories and overcoming challenges in mini-games hidden around the map in this blockchain game.

These achievements grant MODragon companions, and upon completing them all, a mysterious surprise awaits.

The community in Dragonverse also plays a vital role in the evolution of the game

MOBOX is building a co-creation ecosystem, allowing every player to contribute to the game by burning $MBOX, with no coding skills required.

The emphasis on community involvement resonates throughout the Dragonverse Neo experience.

Dragonverse Neo: The Co-Created 3D Universe that Breaks Barriers

A governance page has been enabled to express opinions and make collective decisions.

Current proposals include the expansion of mini-games, the selection of main background music and the implementation of in-game chat rooms.

This bold step towards community interaction in the gaming industry redefines the power of the community in the development and direction of a game.

Dragonverse Neo offers more than a gaming experience; It is a blank canvas where the community can shape its own destiny within a constantly evolving universe.

With this release, MOBOX invites everyone to explore, create and immerse themselves in the exciting world of Dragonverse Neo, ushering in a new era in player interaction and game development.

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