Spider Tanks Celebrates One Year in the Arena with Special Events and Rewards
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Spider Tanks Celebrates One Year in the Arena with Special Events and Rewards

Spider Tanks, the popular multiplayer game that lets players customize and battle their own spider-like vehicles, is celebrating its first anniversary on the Gala Games Platform. The game, which launched on October 31, 2022, has attracted millions of players from around the world who enjoy the fast-paced and explosive action of the arena.

To mark this occasion, Spider Tanks is offering a series of special events and rewards for its loyal fans. Starting from October 30th and lasting until November 13th, players can participate in weekly challenges that will grant them extra supplies and honor points. 

Additionally, players who can achieve 150 wins during this period will receive a free Common Halo Prop, a rare cosmetic item that gives their tanks a heavenly glow. Spider Tanks is also giving away a perfect upgrade for every tank part-owned by the players. This means that every part will have its stats increased to the maximum possible value for its level. 

This will make the tanks more powerful and durable in the arena. However, this offer is only valid for tank parts on GalaChain, the blockchain network that powers Spider Tanks and other Gala Games titles.

Spider Tanks is Throwing the House Out the Window During Its Anniversary

Spider Tanks Celebrates One Year in the Arena with Special Events and Rewards

Furthermore, Spider Tanks has reactivated the Supercharge feature, which allows players to boost their victory points (VP) by paying a dynamic fee. Supercharge will grant players their first win VP for five consecutive wins, regardless of how many times they have already won that day. This will help players to earn more VP and rank up faster in the leaderboards.

Spider Tanks is also hosting a livestream event on October 31st, featuring various guests from Gala Games and the community. The livestream will run from 9 a.m. PT to 10 p.m. PT and showcase some of the best matches and moments from the past year. The livestream will also include some surprises and giveaways for the viewers.

Spider Tanks is one of the most successful games on the Gala Games Platform, which aims to create a decentralized gaming ecosystem that empowers players and developers. Spider Tanks is constantly evolving and adding new features, such as new tank parts, game modes, maps, and events. 

The game also supports cross-play between PC and mobile devices, making it accessible to a wide range of players. Spider Tanks invites everyone to join the celebration and enjoy the anniversary events and rewards. The game is free to play and can be downloaded from the Gala Games website or app store.

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