Pink Moon Studios's KMON: World of Kogaea Arrives Today
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Pink Moon Studios’s KMON: World of Kogaea Arrives Today

In a significant development in the realm of web3 gaming, Pink Moon Studios has launched its newest game, “KMON: World of Kogaea”. This game, which is a 3D open-world experience, is initially accessible to those who hold Kryptomon non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The release of this game highlights Pink Moon Studios’ proficiency in developing NFT metaverse games.

The launch of “KMON: World of Kogaea” is part of a month-long celebration known as “WOKtober”, an innovative campaign that seeks to bridge the realms of augmented reality (AR), community, NFTs, and gaming. WOKtober offers a unique blend of strategic gameplay, community engagement, and blockchain-based rewards, set against a backdrop of thrilling adventures, enigmatic mysteries, and substantial prizes.

Explore the Mystical Realm of Kogaea

A notable aspect of WOKtober is the debut of “Pink Moon Shards”. These tokens, forged using ERC-1125 blockchain technology, are exclusively available to players who complete quests during the Early-Community Preview events in the World of Kogaea. These shards, which are unique to the game’s Early-Community Preview launch events, will function as tradable NFTs, providing rewards to players.

Pink Moon Studios's KMON: World of Kogaea Arrives Today

The Pink Moon Shards could potentially provide players with the chance to engage with the “KMON Forge” during the official release of the game. The KMON Forge is a groundbreaking on-chain crafting system developed by Pink Moon. This system allows players to craft limited-edition NFTs that can’t be found elsewhere in the game, offering players significant advantages throughout the KMON Game Saga.

Alongside the exclusive shards, Pink Moon Studios is set to initiate a dynamic community campaign across various social media channels. Those who participate will have the chance to earn Kryptomon NFTs at no cost by simply completing a few tasks.

To celebrate this monumental event, Pink Moon Studios will host an exclusive live-streaming event. Throughout this event, participants will have the chance to interact with the creators of the game and jointly discover the universe of Kogaea.

This launch represents a harmonious fusion of cherished childhood memories with the exciting advancements of blockchain technology. It’s an invitation to players to be the first to experience this new massive world that Pink Moon Studios has brought to life.

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