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Crypto Citizen Alpha Test 2.0 Is Live

Qorpo Games, in its weekly report announces that the Crypto Citizen Alpha Test 2.0 Is Live. This announcement was made on Monday 2nd of May 2022. It also updates players on certain changes that will be coming to gameplay as a result of current developments. There will also be an NFT whitelist giveaway coming soon.

Details of the Crypto Citizen Alpha Test 2.0

The Crypto Citizen Alpha Test 2.0 will feature Drag Races 2.0 and PvP Fights 1.0. These different gaming modes will operate simultaneously in this testing event. It will run for the next two weeks and will continue till the 15th of May 2022. Even better, users will get the opportunity to earn from the $5000 worth of rewards. Despite the prize pool, this testnet is a free to play game. However, participants will have to own Crypto Citizens NFTs if they want to enjoy certain benefits.

The drag races will only last for 15 seconds per session. This is regardless of the whether it is a 1v1 or 1v7 race. For this game mode, there will be four tiers of cars. They include common, super, epic and legendary. Although each class have their different attributes, they all have 7 default gears. As such, players can only shift a maximum six times when racing.

Crypto Citizen Alpha Test 2.0

To increase your chances of winning, you have to change gears at the right moment. This involves pressing the “shift gear” button exactly when the indicator points to the marked section. When you do this correctly, the car will increase its speed to that of the next shift. Failure to do this will cause the car to decelerate to the previous shift.

PvP Fights are turn based battles where players select three fighters or bosses. They include Classic, Fast Fight and Double Energy 3v3 matches. Each one of them have their different aspects of gameplay and rules. Before entering a duel, players will get to see the stats of each each character. These features determine who gets to attack first.

Other Updates

Crypto Citizen is giving back to its community members. This will take the Elf Matrix mint. Users looking for promising NFT projects to hold or flip can join the whitelist before it is full. There are only 10 spots and they are only open till 23:59 on the 2nd of May. To participate, do the following:

The game also released a video showcasing changes to the course of gameplay.

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