MOBOX Dragonverse Neo Beta Test Season 1 is Now Live
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MOBOX Dragonverse Neo Beta Test Season 1 is Now Live


  • Launch of Dragonverse Neo Beta: Season 1 of Dragonverse Neo is officially underway, offering players a unique gaming experience.
  • Duration and Participants: From May 24 to May 31, this season is reserved for the top 500 eMDBL Hodlers.
  • Exciting Prizes: With an impressive prize pool of 10,500,000 ($MDBL + eMDBL), players have the chance to win big rewards.

The anticipation has come to an end for gaming enthusiasts as MOBOX unveils the highly anticipated Dragonverse Neo Beta.

This inaugural season provides a glimpse into the ever-evolving open world of the game, where players can explore, create, and win.

Season 1, which kicked off on May 24 and will run until May 31, is exclusively available to the top 500 eMDBL Hodlers. This not only adds a level of exclusivity, but also promises an exciting competition among the most dedicated players.

With an impressive prize pool of 10,500,000 ($MDBL + eMDBL), the Dragonverse Neo Beta promises to reward players for their dedication and skills in the game.

This generous prize pool underscores MOBOX’s commitment to offering rewarding and exciting gaming experiences.

Additionally, each participant has received a Blue Snitch, an invaluable tool within the game that can help players advance faster and earn greater rewards.

To claim their Blue Snitch, players simply need to follow the provided link and immerse themselves in the world of Dragonverse Neo.

With daily events planned throughout the season, players have even more opportunities to win exciting prizes and explore all facets of the game.

This initiative demonstrates MOBOX’s commitment to keeping players engaged and excited throughout the season.

In summary, the Dragonverse Neo Beta marks the beginning of an exciting adventure in the gaming world, offering players the opportunity to explore, compete, and win in an ever-changing open world.

With enticing prizes and thrilling events, this season promises to be unforgettable for selected participants.

MOBOX Dragonverse Neo Beta Test Season 1 is Now Live

MOBOX: Delivering Engaging Gaming Experiences

As the Dragonverse Neo Beta Season 1 unfolds, it becomes clear that MOBOX is dedicated to providing engaging gaming experiences for players.

With a focus on exclusivity, competition, and rewarding gameplay, MOBOX sets the stage for a thrilling adventure in the world of Dragonverse Neo.

Through initiatives like daily events and generous prize pools, MOBOX ensures that players remain invested and excited throughout the season.

As the season progresses, players can expect even more innovations and enhancements from MOBOX, solidifying its position as a leader in the gaming industry.

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