Apeiron Guild War 2024: The Battle for $1M Begins
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Apeiron Guild War 2024: The Battle for $1M Begins


  • Staggering Prize Pool: The event offers a $1 million prize pool for the winning guild in the virtual world of Aperion, with meticulous planning and a series of guidelines to ensure fair competition.
  • Leaderboard Structure: Participants will compete on two leaderboards—Individual and Guild—with rewards like USDC, Golden Apostle Tickets, and high IV Apostle NFTs for top players, and a significant share of rewards for the winning guild.
  • Grand Finals in Hong Kong: The top guilds will advance to the Guild Wars Hong Kong Grand Finals, where they will compete for prizes including customized Constellations, USDC, Primeval Planets, and exclusive in-game stickers, culminating the digital battle in a real-world event.

The virtual world of Aperion is set to witness an unprecedented event as the Guild War 2024 starts, promising a staggering $1 million prize pool for the victors. This colossal event has been meticulously planned, with a series of guidelines and reward systems that will test the mettle of every participating guild and individual player.

The Stakes are High: Aperion’s Reward Distribution Unveiled

As the digital realm buzzes with anticipation, Aperion has laid out the rules of engagement for this grand tournament. To prevent guild-hopping and ensure fair play, player ranks and matchmaking rankings (MMR) will be reset upon joining or switching guilds, with a 48-hour cooldown on guild changes.

The competition is structured into two leaderboards: the Individual Leaderboard and the Guild Leaderboard. The former rewards top-ranking players with USDC and Golden Apostle Tickets, exchangeable for high IV Apostle NFTs. 

The latter ranks guilds based on collective activity, requiring a minimum of 300 stars to qualify. The winning guild members will enjoy a 70% share of the total guild leaderboard rewards, while the guilds themselves will receive the remaining 30%.

Apeiron Guild War 2024: The Battle for $1M Begins

Aperion’s Online Invitational: The Elite Battle for Supremacy

The Aperion Guild Wars 2024 Online Invitational Tournament is reserved for the elite. Only the top guilds, as determined by the sum of the top 3 players’ MMR, will be invited to this double-elimination showdown. 

A total of 24 guilds, 12 from the SEA region and 12 from the NA region, will compete for the honor of being immortalized in the AGW 2024 Constellations.

The Grand Finals: A Real-World Showdown in Hong Kong

The digital war will culminate in the real world with the Guild Wars Hong Kong Grand Finals. The top 2 guilds from each region will face off in sunny Hong Kong, vying for a treasure trove of prizes, including customized Constellation, USDC, Primeval Planets, and exclusive in-game stickers.

As the Guild War 2024 gears up to start on May 21st, the community is abuzz on official Discord channels and Twitter, strategizing and forming alliances. With the promise of glory and riches on the horizon, Aperion’s bravest warriors prepare to embark on a journey that will etch their names in the annals of virtual history.

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