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Fusionist Launches its pixel-style MOBA game, ACE Arenas


  • Fusionist introduces two exciting additions to its ecosystem: ACE Arenas and ACE Avatar.
  • ACE Arenas offers a unique approach in the MOBA genre with its pixel graphic style. The circulating currency will be $ACE.
  • ACE Avatar, a collection of NFTs generated from images of characters from ACE Arenas, offers a series of privileges and benefits within the Endurance ecosystem.

Fusionist, a leading platform in the blockchain space, has introduced two exciting additions to its ecosystem: ACE Arenas and ACE Avatar. These new additions aim to revolutionize the gaming experience and interaction within the community.

ACE Arenas emerges as a game within the popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas) genre. What sets it apart is its unique pixel graphic style, a decision that blends elements of nostalgia with the modernity of online gaming. This aesthetic proposal aims to captivate both MOBA game enthusiasts and pixel art enthusiasts, offering a visually appealing experience. Within ACE Arenas, the circulating currency will be $ACE, adding an additional layer of utility to the token within the Fusionist ecosystem.

On the other hand, ACE Avatar arises as a collection of NFTs generated from the images of characters from the ACE Arenas game. This collection of NFTs, known as ACE Avatar NFT Collection. Offers a series of privileges and benefits within the Endurance ecosystem. Where users can enjoy a unique and personalized gaming experience. With a total supply of 10,000 tokens and distributed across 6 rarity tiers, ACE Avatars become coveted pieces within the community.

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Fusionist Seeks to Innovate in Gaming Experience and Earnings

One of the most innovative features introduced by Fusionist is the NFT recycling mechanism. This new system guarantees a minimum price for NFTs, meaning their value will increase over time. Users have the opportunity to sell their ACE Avatar to the official at any time in exchange for $ACE. Providing them with an opportunity to profit as demand for these NFTs increases.

For those interested in obtaining an ACE Avatar, Fusionist offers the opportunity to participate in its launch event. By staking $ACE, participants have the chance to receive $PeACE. With a 1:1 probability of minting a random quality ACE Avatar. Additionally, holding an ACE Avatar grants privileged access to the beta testing of ACE Arenas. An exciting opportunity to test the game before its official release.

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