The City of Austin, Enters The Sandbox for a New Tourism Experience
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The City of Austin, Enters The Sandbox for a New Tourism Experience


  • The Sandbox launches Cobbleland: Austin, an immersive gaming experience.
  • Users can explore the city of Austin, Texas, and visit its iconic landmarks.
  • Cobbleland: Austin stands out for its inclusion of 100 local small and medium businesses.

Virtual reality becomes the new horizon for exploring tourist destinations without geographical limits, and Austin, Texas, is no exception.

The recent launch of Cobbleland: Austin, within The Sandbox platform, has opened the doors to a gaming experience that transcends physical borders and takes users on an unparalleled digital adventure.

Developed by Smobler Studios, Cobbleland: Austin offers a vivid recreation of the city, where users can stroll its virtual streets and visit its iconic landmarks.

From the majestic State Capitol to the iconic Stevie Ray Vaughan statue, along bustling South Congress Avenue and the legendary 6th Street, the experience offers total immersion into the essence of Austin.

What makes Cobbleland: Austin even more special at The Sandbox is its focus on the local and business community

With the inclusion of 100 small and medium-sized businesses from Austin and around the world, the platform provides a unique opportunity for these businesses to become known to a global audience.

The City of Austin, Enters The Sandbox for a New Tourism Experience

Through avatars known as C-tizens , users can interact with these virtual establishments, participate in social games and establish community connections +, all in a familiar and friendly environment.

This launch not only represents an innovation in the field of digital entertainment, but also an opportunity to promote virtual tourism and global connectivity .

By allowing users to explore cities like Austin from the comfort of their homes, Cobbleland: Austin not only celebrates the city’s rich heritage, but also opens new doors for interaction and collaboration on a global scale.

Initial reception to Cobbleland: Austin has been positive, with users excited by the opportunity to discover the city in a completely new way.

As more people immerse themselves in this unique gaming experience, new opportunities for innovation and exploration are likely to emerge in the world of virtual tourism.

Cobbleland: Austin represents a step forward in the search for new ways to travel and explore the world, demonstrating that technology can break down barriers and bring us closer to places and cultures in ways previously unimaginable.

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